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5 Productivity Tools That Can Help You Save Time

In the modern age scenario, different scale and niche of businesses are adopting high-end technologies to run a business efficiently and effectively. They are making the use of time-saving tools and systems that can help them to improve their productivity, reduce human errors and boost their revenues. With that concept in mind, we bring you

Facebook Removed its Paper News Reading App from App Store

Recently, Facebook has removed its Paper news reading app from App store and will discontinue the support for existing downloads on July 29th.Two years ago, Facebook introduced a Flipboard-style news reading application “Paper” for its iOS users. Even though the app received good remarks from critics, it failed to impress a large audience across the

5 Fabulous Android Apps to Boost Your Business Productivity

The new-age technologies such as internet-enabled mobile phones, tablets, iPhone, and web- based mobile applications have brought a revolutionary change in the business sector. Over the past few decades, different scale and niche of business organizations are making the use of high-end gadgets to improve their productivity and revenues. Whether you are running a small

4 Ways Protect Online Transactions of your Small Business

Although most of the online payment transactions are safe and secure, there is always the possibility of security loopholes. Without taking the significant precautions, you cloud end up with an insecure site where hackers can easily gain access and steal your customer’s information. That’s why it becomes essential for you to understand the basic fundamentals

Welcome to Google Fiber Internet Service to Dallas

Google is planning to bring its gigabit Fiber internet service to the Dallas city. The Company has recently announced in the meeting.For now, the company is only trying to explore the idea of bringing Fiber internet services to Dallas. Google first announces its plans to introduce Fiber to the same city and then begins working

Facebook conversations are moving to Messenger App

Facebook has recently removed the messaging function from its mobile web applications with the Messenger. This change forced users to download the Messenger app partially. It seems that the Facebook Company is switching all mobile site users to its standalone Messenger app for Android and iOS. The Company is encouraging users to use its Messenger