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10 key Advantages of Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation (BPA) is the technology-driven automation services that enable you to manage multiple business tasks. In other words, it is an automated process of managing information, data of an organization. Business processes can be determined for multiple sections of business activities, such as management, sales, supply chain, operations, information technology and human resources. 

What’s The ROI On Your Social Media Marketing?

The use of internet among the business organizations is growing day by day. Most of the reputed Companies and site owners ask: What is the ROI on the social media marketing? If you don’t know how to start off the measurement to determine the ROI, then you should read this blog post. However, measuring social

4 Crucial Tips To Enhance The Speed Of Your Website

The speed of a site is one of the significant aspects that determine its usability and accessibility for longer. As a website owner, it becomes imperative to follow some techniques to improve the performance of their website. Certainly, a visitor won’t stay on your site if it takes ages to load web pages. This means

Two Types of Cloud Based SharePoint Solutions For Students

The availability of cutting-edge technologies for students is truly exceptional. The introduction of advanced technological equipment is allowing students to grow their learning capabilities and enhance their knowledge. Cloud is one of the revolutionary technologies that has given an innovative look to conventional classroom by putting tools like SharePoint and hosted virtual desktop at students’

MIUI v/s CyanoGenMod – A Custom ROM Comparison

When it comes to deciding on the modification of your device software, there are many aspects to be  considered. Android devices offer a variety functions to its users, so obviously it becomes the first in the alternatives under evaluation and on the other hand is Xiaomi’s MIUI which has also started attracting the users.MIUI OS

How to make your website mobile friendly?

We live in times where internet is responsible for running our lives. We have most certainly shifted all of our focus towards it for each and everything and this has resulted us relying for the most basic things on the internet as well as grocery shopping. This surely has brought about a new era for