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5 Alternatives To Popular Cloud Services

There are many alternatives for storage and file sharing features with some unique features available for individual as well as business purposes. No doubt, the top cloud services are the most secure space to store your files and share it or edit it wherever and whenever you want. Dropbox, being the most popular of all

5 Tools to Conduct Online Meetings

If you are working with employees or with a company functioning from different areas, you will definitely need to communicate or collaborate with the individuals working from home or away from the office. For this, you need an Online Meeting and Web Conferencing Tools in order to connect with your team, host web conferences, and

Top 10 Benefits of Online Helpdesk Software

In this highly competitive world, online help desk software has become a very effective tool for any businesses. No matter whether it is a small or large organization, this tool really helps in accelerating the productivity and efficiency of any business as it tracks every correspondence with client. By implementing this tool, organizations can avoid

Top 5 Online Data Management Tools

Every business has a huge data to be maintained and doing it manually is an impossible task. Hence, there are some well-known data management tools that help you in this process. Having a lot of research data and other details and if you need a home to store them, there are resources that could help

Will Netflix Succeed in India?

Netflix, a US based MNC, established in the year 1997 is a leading service provider of online video-streaming. It has presence in 190 countries with over 70 million users. It started its operation in India in January 6 with three types of subscription packages: Rs 500 per month – Limitless access to all Standard Definition

Gamified Healthcare Apps

The world is growing with a serious addiction of mobile phones and playing games in it. We can find cell phones in everyone hands including children. When the market is so high, App developers have used the opportunity and have come up with such apps which could actually help us. Healthcare Apps that makes us

5 Tips For Protecting Your Computer

Nowadays, computers have become an essential part for everyone. Thus, it is important to learn for every user, comprising how to keep PC in a  protected way  and updated time to time in order to carry out their necessary tasks in an uninterrupted manner. Here are 5 tips for protecting your computer from viruses and