HTML and XML Sitemaps Explained

The web is a dynamic entity and your website needs to have a sitemap. The challenge arises when a webmaster realizes that there are two different types of site maps. The XML and the HTML sitemap versions. These sitemaps will play roles that are almost similar, but they have different targets. The HTML sitemaps revolve

Industrial Robot Malfunctions and Maintenance

Robotics accidents are nothing new. They occur from time to time. However, with the improvement in robotics technology, it is expected that the number of reported robotics accidents should go down, which is not necessarily the case. Smashing things is the most common malfunction seen in robots. It is important to take action to ensure

Retrieving Permanently Deleted Outlook Email Messages

Are you facing problem in retrieving lost or permanently deleted Outlook email messages? Explore the manual as well as automated approach to restore hard or shift deleted emails in Microsoft Outlook PST. Restore deleted email messages in MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 versions without any data loss. Facing Problem?! Retrieving Permanently Deleted Outlook

How Banks are Using Digital Technology in 2018

Back in the age when we used to have Barter system for transfer of value, we never would have imagined that we move on from exchanging just about anything tangible to using intangible means of value exchange. But here we are standing in the digital era with digital banking industry growing along with mobile app

Breakout Year For Progressive Web Applications

An Android app development company in Australia renders quality services to organizations worldwide. Service providers in the area have technically-sound teams of mobile app developers with best-in-class skills and have an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals needed to create apps for a range of mobile devices, particularly Android. Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are web

Is Your Logo as Flexible as Your Marketing?

Small businesses have one distinct advantage over major corporations. They have the flexibility to try out new strategies as they explore opportunities and grow. Their more direct relationship with the customer gives them immediate feedback on these strategies, allowing them to quickly find out what works and what doesn’t. Having that kind of marketing flexibility