Ways to Choose the Most Reliable Email Marketing Tool

In the current era, technology has taken the direct mailing process to the next level. It brings more stability, reliability and effectiveness to the advanced marketing procedures. You can use the new-age marketing tools to promote your products, services or business to a large number of anonymous people at the same time, without any effort.

8 Data Recovery Tools for Linux Operating System

What is Data recovery? If you are using Linux and you have to recover data because of any reasons, whether it may be logical damage or physical damage, you can use many tools for recovering data. In this post, I am explaining top 8 data recovery tools for Linux operating system. 1.    Stellar This tool

Top 10 Alternatives to PayPal for Online Transactions

It is impossible to imagine an eCommerce site without a reliable online payment system. With the help of an online payment system, customers can make monetary transactions online, without the requirement of bank transfers and checks. PayPal is one of the most popular online payment platforms on the web. It allows users to make online

10 Free online tools for the Web Savvy

The World Wide Web has made us glued to it. To make our work easier, we download some or the other applications. Most of us are internet savvy and utilize  the web’s potential to the fullest. There are plenty of free online tools are available for every need of yours. Take a look at a

Centralized Order Management – An Omnichannel Experience

Today, consumers seek boundless omnichannel experience when they shop both online or offline. While the many retailers in the retail world are working hard to provide the best possible consistent shopping experience, they still face huge challenges to fulfill the ever growing demands and choices of consumers. Also, the request of the connected consumers to

Collection of The Best Apps and Games

Year 2015 is about to end, and the whole world is looking towards a new beginning. However, there are a lot of things that we will still carry into the upcoming year, and apps are one of them. In 2015, thousands of Android apps and iOS apps made their way to the world of Google