How Banks are Using Digital Technology in 2018

Back in the age when we used to have Barter system for transfer of value, we never would have imagined that we move on from exchanging just about anything tangible to using intangible means of value exchange. But here we are standing in the digital era with digital banking industry growing along with mobile app

4 Ways IoT Changes the Home Security Industry

The Internet of things is one of the greatest trendy expressions of 2017. The possibility that the web will work as one with such a large number of our home gadgets is dumbfounding. You don’t need to look far to perceive how it will change things either. What is IoT? The Internet of Things (IoT)—

Breakout Year For Progressive Web Applications

An Android app development company in Australia renders quality services to organizations worldwide. Service providers in the area have technically-sound teams of mobile app developers with best-in-class skills and have an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals needed to create apps for a range of mobile devices, particularly Android. Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are web

Is Your Logo as Flexible as Your Marketing?

Small businesses have one distinct advantage over major corporations. They have the flexibility to try out new strategies as they explore opportunities and grow. Their more direct relationship with the customer gives them immediate feedback on these strategies, allowing them to quickly find out what works and what doesn’t. Having that kind of marketing flexibility

How to Sell Web Hosting to Your Clients

If you are planning on becoming a web hosting reseller , it is important that you make a point of looking up some of the best possible tips when it comes to selling hosting to your clients. There are a lot of different things that you will need to remember when it comes to doing

IoT Technology And The Future Of Construction Zones

Road construction seems to be a constant sight in many urban cities. Whether they are building new roads, fixing existing roadways, or making the driving environment safer for the public, construction crews are faced with an array of challenges and safety concerns each day. The same safety concerns apply to drivers and pedestrians in the

Top 5 Javascript Framework for the Website Development

The fame of Javascript frameworks is continuing to grow. It has created a dynamic co-existing environment of frameworks, technologies, and libraries.In 2016, we witnessed some big changes in Javascript frameworks like AngularJS had a complete upgrade with the Introduction of Angular 2. The domination of JQuery which is now applied to approximately 97 percent of

How Shopping Carts APIs are Used in eCommerce

The majority of eCommerce applications are API-based. To be more specific, they are generally based on shopping cart APIs. API integration with shopping platforms provides the near real-time synchronization and ongoing data interchange. It makes possible to extract, update, filtrate, etc. various data from e-stores: product descriptions, images, data on customers, orders, taxes and other

Ways to Choose the Most Reliable Email Marketing Tool

In the current era, technology has taken the direct mailing process to the next level. It brings more stability, reliability and effectiveness to the advanced marketing procedures. You can use the new-age marketing tools to promote your products, services or business to a large number of anonymous people at the same time, without any effort.

8 Data Recovery Tools for Linux Operating System

What is Data recovery? If you are using Linux and you have to recover data because of any reasons, whether it may be logical damage or physical damage, you can use many tools for recovering data. In this post, I am explaining top 8 data recovery tools for Linux operating system. 1.    Stellar This tool