10 Best Linux Software Applications for all Major Distros

Linux is one of the best operating systems in today’s world. It is highly secure, robust, and rich in numerous other amazing features. In this post, I am going to tell you about top 10 Linux software applications for all major distros:

1. AVG

It is not only compatible with Windows, but also with Linux operating system. AVG antivirus can be easily downloaded and works extremely well with Linux operating system. It offers protection against malware and viruses.AVG


Though Linux is tremendously secure, one can add to its protection by installing the BITDEFENDER anti-virus which not only provided boosted protection, but also protects BSD systems and the Windows partition.bitdefender

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GIMP is one of the most famous open source image editing software tool. GIMP is an alternative of Photoshop and can be used in its absence as it has almost the same features like it. With GIMP, one can revamp images and modify them according to their requirements.gimp


It can help you to view statistics about the several processes in an amazing Graphical User Interface.Gnome

5. VIM

Among the squad of the many text editors which is compatible with Linux, VIM is one of the top chart busters of this list. The uniqueness of this tool is that it doesn’t require much memory and is easy to download and use.VIM


It is another prominent text editor that works well with Linux. Apart from having certain similar features like VIM, it can read RSS feed, browsing, etc. The additional plugins make it easy to expand.GNU


In order to reclaim the strong partitions in the Linux system, TESTDISK is the most recommended software. It’s not only the best solution for your disk related worries, but also can boot a non-bootable system. Copying files from deleted extensions adds to its awesome features.TestDisk


If you are seeking for a more compatible and powerful video player, then VLC media player is the one. It is not only compatible with Windows, but runs extremely well with Linux too. It supports almost all types of video audio files.VLC


If you want a music player that plays both video and audio files, then BANSHEE is the one which works in perfect sync with Linux. You can not only search and organize your media files, but also use podcast and internet with it.banshee


INKSPACE is very strong graphics editor software that has plenty of advanced features that will help you in editing your respective graphics with ease. Various functions like cloning, marking, etc. can be carried out with this tool. inkscape

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