4 Major Benefits Offered by .Store Extension

With the skyrocketing popularity of internet, more and more businesses now prefer to create a strong online presence. Even many stores now sell exclusively over the net and it has helped millions of small-scale sellers to start a successful business by building low-budget online stores. There are other benefits too- you don’t have to go through a long series of corporate/legal formalities and expanding your business is much easier if you are running an online store. Due to the success of online stores a specific domain extension .store has become very popular among e-sellers. It sounds appealing, relevant and chic. But that’s not all! You can enjoy a series of other benefits when you opt for Dot Store extension. Here are a few of them:


Your domain name plays a subtle yet important role when a new online user checks your site. Hence, having a .store attached to your domain name will instantly attract a visitor and prepare his mind for shopping. The word Store can bring to his mind various impressions or activities associated with a store like shopping, recalling any requirements or checking the inventory, and thus “manoeuvres his thoughts in the direction of clicking on your URL or browsing your inventory. Isn’t it half the battle won? Maybe not. But to the least, you have been succeeded in inviting the user to your e-store where you can influence him with your marketing strategies.

Desired effect on consumer psychology

When we talk of psychology in terms of internet visitors, the micro-aspects assume a macro importance. The visitor wants “instant results” that is why he quickly glances through key aspects to form an opinion. On this front, a definite benefit of .Store domain name is that it helps you to give precise information to your visitors about the category of your site. That not only makes them acquainted with your business but also promotes some amount of familiarity. Familiarity brings positive attitude and trust. We are talking about the few initial moments when the visitor first encounters your site. Leaving a positive impression during those initial moments can definitely enhance the chances of conversion.

Example Ad #2

Promotes trust and familiarity

We cannot deny that while sifting through the search results the visitor’s brain is buzzing, as if, and with the keywords or key phrases he wants to find. In fact, many visitors would categorically locate the keywords and relevance while bypassing the long or unnatural domains. .Store helps you to use the precise keywords without making it unnecessarily big or unnatural. For instance, if you sell an item with very specific target buyers like tools for musical instruments, using the name “www. Musicalinstrumenttools.store” can definitely enhance your effect by telling the users that you have an online store selling tools for musical instruments. If you go for www.musicalinstrumenttools.com” it does not clarify whether you are a manufacturer, seller or a professional who is sharing the knowledge base of such tools. Thus it involves certain guesswork. The extension .store self-explanatory and thus takes the guesswork out, bringing the visitors nearer to the conclusion.

Prevents irrelevant visitors

The major search engines take into consideration a number of parameters like stay period, click through rate and back button hits to evaluate the relevance of your site and rank it accordingly. Hence, a general extension like .com or .net may make a number of irrelevant visitors to click on your site only to find that your site is not relevant to their search and returning back to the search results page. However, the .store ensures that only the relevant visitors who are specifically looking for an online store (and not a manufacturer or wholesaler) should visit your site

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