Manage and Run your Business with the Latest Technology

Business owners often state that they know their clients and their needs, keep the paper notebook with the appointments in a safe place, and have the clients records cards arranged alphabetically to make it quicker to find that one client.

This could work, if we were still in the early 2000s. With clients becoming more and more tech reliant, business owners must adapt to their growing list of needs. Luckily there are solutions on the market to help manage, promote, and run small businesses more effectively.

Finding the Right Tech Solution

You probably associate the term “tech” with some kind of expensive, downloadable system that takes forever to get used to – however, that doesn’t have to be the case. When looking for the right solution, make sure it’s evenly balanced between functionality and ease of use. Here are some of the things you should be on the lookout for when it comes to growing and managing your business more effectively.

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Automatic, Time-Saving Features

Let’s face it – business owners are oftentimes so overrun with daily tasks throughout the day that not everything is accomplished. Clients aren’t encouraged to leave a review on their service, appointment reminders aren’t sent, and sometimes we forget to order more stock to the business. With the right solution, these time-consuming tasks are settled automatically and become a thing of the past.

Effective Marketing Tools

Informing clients about your latest discounts or new services can be a hassle. Word of mouth is great, but it rarely reaches 100% of your target audience. Instead, create a target group of clients and send them a bulk message. Now you can inform your customers about your latest offer on a beard trim service to the guys, without having to worry about female customers receiving it as well. Or better yet, bring absent clients back to your business with a marketing automation function.

Automatic and Detailed Statistics

Knowing your numbers is important for every business and many decisions are based on this information. When looking for a management solution, make sure it generates up-to-date employee work time, inventory level, and service reports. Imagine managing all of this by hand. Thanks to intuitive tools, you can generate reports with just the click of a button.

These features and many more can be found inside of Versum. From creating effective marketing campaigns to automatically generating detailed statistics and other time-saving features, Versum brings running and managing businesses to a whole new level.

Juliusz is a blogger at Versum, salon and spa software that helps salon owners take control and automate many daily tasks.

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