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Eric Lefkofsky Success as the Co-founder of Tempus

Tempus is a technology company that has been using cancer data to assist in the personalizing of the cancer care and improved the efficiency it’s based in Chicago. On Tuesday, Eric said that they received $8 million in funding from investors. Eric Lefkofsky who is the co-founder of the company, since the company was founded

The Impact of Blockchain on Media Industry

Blockchain has become a buzzword in the entire industry. It is only going to traction in the coming years and its importance will grow across the globe. However, not many are aware of the meaning of blockchain and its impact on studios and media companies. It is a technology that can change the way corporations

Why to use Reliable and Consistent IT Support?

In this current scenario, it becomes imperative for a business organization to provide personalized assistance to their potential customers across the globe. Rendering top-notch services should be the foremost priority for all scales and sizes of businesses. You can meet the requirements of your clients if you transform their ideas, and thoughts into satisfactory results.In

Small Business Strategies: 4 Ways to Avoid Data Breaches

Both the large as well as small-scale businesses have taken up the challenge to combat the threatening cyber thefts or security vulnerabilities. However, larger organizations can streamline the cutting-edge security tools and technologies to stop such kinds of threats. But the fact claims that 90% of breaches affect the growth of small businesses. Unlike large

Welcome to Google Fiber Internet Service to Dallas

Google is planning to bring its gigabit Fiber internet service to the Dallas city. The Company has recently announced in the meeting.For now, the company is only trying to explore the idea of bringing Fiber internet services to Dallas. Google first announces its plans to introduce Fiber to the same city and then begins working

Facebook conversations are moving to Messenger App

Facebook has recently removed the messaging function from its mobile web applications with the Messenger. This change forced users to download the Messenger app partially. It seems that the Facebook Company is switching all mobile site users to its standalone Messenger app for Android and iOS. The Company is encouraging users to use its Messenger