5 Tools to Conduct Online Meetings

If you are working with employees or with a company functioning from different areas, you will definitely need to communicate or collaborate with the individuals working from home or away from the office. For this, you need an Online Meeting and Web Conferencing Tools in order to connect with your team, host web conferences, and share documents or information. It’s essential to have the right meeting tool available. You would like a tool that is easy for your collaborators in order to use. Moreover, it should work properly and dependably.Tools to Conduct Online Meetings


It has a good reputation for being the most used tools for conducting online meetings by all professionals. It has an incredible source of features that can be used by the professionals to either conduct or join online meetings with ease. They just have to download the WEBEX plugging for the same. With a few clicks, you can start work with your team, sharing screens, and passing the ownership to the person who has other files to show. This tool arrives with an integrated application where you may fix an appointment for a meeting or join a meeting on a tablet or mobile device. It has two different and amazing features – “attend a meeting” and “host a meeting” with different subscription plans for large enterprises, small businesses or individuals.Webex

2. MeetingBurner

Another renowned online meeting conductor tool is the Meeting Burner tool which is also being used by many professionals because you don’t need to download this tool but just can easily use it in the web browser. Providing analytics of the meeting like how it took place and how the guests were involved in the conversation is another important reason why this tool is mostly preferred. meetingburner

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You can start MEETIN.GS within 1 minute. It is convenient to use. The striking feature of this tool is that it allows you to create new meetings with the help of bookmarklet. It allows you to create and edit meetings. meetings


If you prefer a parallel option for the MeetingBurner tool, then GoToMeeting is the one exact replacement. It is the best option for HD meetings and web conferences. It has three unique products like GoToWebinar, GotoTraining and GoToMeeting. These products offer various features like drawing tools, conference and voice conferencing, desktop and application sharing, one-click recording, etc. Further, its compatibility with various operating systems like Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android is an added feature. gotomeeting


It is an important tool which stands out for being free for use. A person can join or conduct online meetings free of charge. Its unique features include screen sharing that allows collaboration with your team members. Though it is free, it is limited to an hour and for two participants only. For more benefits you will have to buy the premium version. Be it a public or a private chat, audio conference or a Skype integration, etc., this tool offers much more for user satisfaction. Hence, beginners opt for this tool mostly.yugma

Thus, the above article has given the detailed information on the top 5 tools that can make online meetings conduction a matter of ease. Now, it will be easy for you to select one of the above 5 tools, fitting in your requirements, and thus gift yourself an instant yet relaxing online meeting experience. Grab the opportunity from the nearest online store.

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