What Connectivity Improvements Will Cloud Based VOIP Bring?

VOIP simply means Voice Over Internet Protocol (IP). It is a cutting edge technology designed to transmit voice messages over the internet. This medium of voice message transfer has earned popularity because it is simple and easy to use and it only requires net connectivity and is free of cost, depending on the application you use. This helps to save on your phone bills. You don’t have to think twice before messaging someone internationally. Just imagine, you think of some important message to be given and quickly send it across using a VOIP. The message is transmitted within a matter of seconds. If you are lucky enough the receiver hears and replies immediately, all in a fraction of seconds. No longer would you have to worry about inflated phone bills.

Cloud Based VOIP

For business purposes these days we have cloud based VOIP which is being increasingly used by businesses because of its cost effectiveness.

Let us glance through the pros and cons of this technology:


  • Expandability: Another advantage of a cloud based VOIP is that you can add so many users as you want. There is absolutely no restriction on the number as it is simple to get new users added.
  • Affordability: A very important plus point is that by choosing the VOIP network, you don’t have to bear any cost as the infrastructure is not placed with your company. There are specialized units of your service provider that employ people only to take care and screen the VOIP system. What you need to pay for being just the IP phones and a routing kit. The charges are very  nominal, hence affordability per say is greater.
  • Easy Accessibility: VOIP only requires net connectivity hence your employees can connect from anywhere via broadband. Be it an in-house meeting or a business meeting with a client, contact is made easy. Your employee could be located either in your office or might be travelling or could be at home, it is a technology that makes life easy for you.
  • Outsourced Management: Now-a-days, the VOIP system is outsourced as it is better managed by experienced teams. This is an  affordable and its maintenance doesn’t create any pressure on your IT team. The system is smoothly and efficiently managed.

Mentioned below are some of the disadvantages:

  • Security Risks: Since it is a cloud based VOIP, questions and doubts are raised about how secure can voice data sharing be? This is one of the causes of concern for business entities who are planning to opt for this system.
  • Lack of Ownership: Not having ownership over the VOIP infrastructure mat be a cause of worry for some companies while the same scenario will be viewed as a freedom from tedious maintenance by  the another company. Depending on the kind of business you are in, you decide whether outsourcing is a good choice or a bad choice. If it is a bad choice, remember the cost and responsibilities you need to shoulder in case you decide to have it built in house.
  • Third Party Dependability and Reliability: Businesses might feel a dire need to have an ownership over the server. But since it is an agreement between you and a third person, you need to comply with the terms and conditions of your service provider lest things become difficult for you. An open channel of communication will assure and satisfy you as you always feel the risk of letting some crucial and restricted piece of information to flow out. This is exactly why you need to choose your service provider based on their credibility. Once you are ascertained that things are in your control, you will gradually start trusting the system. If there is mutual trust and immediate report flow of any suspicious activity to your company with a quick fix to the issue, you are made to realize that your business is in safe hands.

Smaller Businesses have no choice but to rely on a third party provider due to lack of space and an efficient team to monitor the VOIPs. The service provider must ensure that the data is authenticated and encrypted form the sender to the receiver.

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Easy accessibility and connectivity across the globe will benefit your company in the times to come as more and more businesses are relying on cloud VOIP services. By not adapting to this system you might be left behind by your competitors who constantly upgrade themselves with the newest technologies. Clients demand a good contact network with employees these days and when you provide the same, acquiring new clients and maintaining older ones are easier.

There is absolutely no doubt about the utility of this cloud based VOIP service. There is always a scope for the improvement but no one can deny the advantages that this system brings with itself.

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