8 Hottest Web Design Trends 2018

What if today you click open your phone and get a ping with a bar showing “UPDATE”. Isn’t it shocking for you to receive that despite knowing 20 days earlier you had done the same thing? Well, welcome to the fast-changing and rapidly evolving digital world. The world is now ruled upon by the trendsetters and we are compelled to follow that “TREND” to make ourselves suitable for the people who interact with us. Especially when it comes to web designing trends turn obsolete, in a matter of days.

These “8 Hottest Web Design Trends” are to be kept at the back of your mind for another year of success.

1. Photo Content:

Sometimes the pictures overpower the words in the aspect of making people understand or make them realize something. Sometimes when your dishes cannot be described by words, sometimes by just attaching a picture compel them to lick their fingers. No study is required to realize that a picture is worth a thousand words. Your website should contain educative photographs which are supplementing and complementing the already existing base of knowledge.

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2. Bright Colours:

What catch eyes are colors! Colours in synchronization with photos vividly spread across the web page and fill the viewer with a sudden urge to explore more about that particular website. The colors provide a more vibrant interface for the viewer to find friends with. Large and bold are beautiful; be it patterns, designs or gradients.

Go and choose colors and patterns which complement your company profile along with giving users’ experience an added advantage.

3. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs):

When was the last time you ever wondered that a GIF was a revolution in this fast-paced world with sometimes fluctuating internet connection/speed but nowadays we have the better technology known as SVG? SVGs are vector images and interesting alternatives to traditional pixel-based formats. The designers could exploit the features of SVGs while logo designing or other areas which might fit with the features offered. They also act as a background for other trends in line.

4. Cinemagraphs:

Well, I guess you all know about the magical newspaper from out of those Harry Potter movies named “The Daily Prophet”. The small snippets that we could see in the news were a gaze stopper, a unique thing that filled us with amazement. In the world of internet, Cinema graphs behave in the same way. Your users will witness a moving picture in a still image and at the same time not increasing the page load time of your website.

5. Animation:

Obviously, a Logo of your company will attract the people to observe your website even if your logo appears somewhere as an advertisement. Aptly combining the animation with other elements of your website will increase the time on site of your website. Just creating an illusion of motion, the importance of animation will be enhanced when you could buck up the contents of your website while incorporating animations for guiding users through the website to distracting the users from the otherwise monotonous time of loading.

6. Ways to convert: Call to action:

What next? How should the visitor of your website react further to fulfill your objective of creating a website? You would also be using ‘calls to action’ before but while you could try adding fun elements in it now such as conventional movie lines, quotes, lines from the mouth of celebrities or your unsung creation. Make it simple and so effective that visitors are compelled to move forward even if they don’t seem interested in goods or services. Let you decide how the visitors play your game by creatively highlighting your rules.

7. Minimalism:

There are 79, 00, 00,000 results shown by Google on an average which implies that there are millions other websites providing the same service as you do. Visitors then would prefer visiting other websites than yours if you are slow. Reduce your bounce rate by providing less content on the initial visit because although it might help in providing information yet the information might not be required. Reduce the content based on HTTP requests and strike balance between different graphics to give overall user experience.

8. Open composition & Asymmetry:

In this world, everybody has the different set of rules and principles guiding the way they look at the world. However, what is in vogue is decided by nobody you should compel yourself to make experiments which will employ the existing techniques to overpower the perfect website you created a year ago. Go for asymmetrical compositions with balance, or opt for parallax scrolling giving depth in the vision to your website or let your imaginations fly high while using other such techniques.

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Maggie sawyer is an experienced CMS developer, currently employed at Markuphq – A PSD to Magento Conversion Company. She is also an avid blogger and always on the look-out for top blogs to post her tutorials.

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