Do Free VPNs Really Sell Your Data?

In the 21st century, privacy concerns top the list of people’s issues with spending time online. We warn children not to divulge their identity or address. We do the same with adults often. Identity theft runs rampant. Hackers attack both small and big businesses. Online protections keep increasing in importance. Many companies and individuals now

How to find the Ideal Web Host Billing Management System

Reselling web hosting packages is one of the best businesses that can be started with low capital and limited manpower. In fact, many hosting resellers have been successfully running their business without huge staff or offices. Besides, the reputed providers also offer a complete set of infrastructure, marketing, and management tools when you start your

4 Major Benefits Offered by .Store Extension

With the skyrocketing popularity of internet, more and more businesses now prefer to create a strong online presence. Even many stores now sell exclusively over the net and it has helped millions of small-scale sellers to start a successful business by building low-budget online stores. There are other benefits too- you don’t have to go

Best Tips to Make Your Cloud Storage Safer

While operating a web-based business, one needs to access a number of important files and folders to perform different tasks easily and quickly. Due to the intense work pressure, traveling and other essential tasks, no one has sufficient time to create a personal database for the fulfillment of different corporate activities.So, people are increasingly using

Cloud Computing Future: What Will Be Its Impact On The Industry?

The evolution of cutting-edge IT tools and technologies are influencing different scales and sizes of organizations to empower their business activities using cloud-first strategies. This innovative approach brought in operational alertness for the businesses with increasing and decreasing demands. The security and reliability rendered by IT hardware can improve the overall productivity of an organization