3 Amazing File Management App for Android

In the Android phone devices, one of the biggest advantages is associated with its file management application even when compared with other mobile operating systems as well. They are very much essential, especially for an Android device. By using a file management applications you can easily browse any of your files, quickly get access to do the downloaded files, manage your memory space and many more. Even Google has also introduced a built-in file manager with the help of Marshmallow which helps in providing all the basic file management facilities in the Android device. These third-party applications have ever one of the biggest inserts making the Android phone more reliable. You can absolutely find an array of file browsers on Play Store so that you can easily select one of the best manager application and download it instantly. Below you will find best 3 file manager applications for your Android device.

1. Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager is very easy to use and is available in two different tabs so that you can easily navigate through the application. You are restricted to add additional tabs to this file manager. It will provide you with the list of the most famous file types so that we can select one of them and add it to your Android device. Moreover, encryption facility is also available where you can provide complete security by using fingerprint technology. All been said it comes with root browser as well as an easy managing application. One of the disadvantages associated with the Amaze File Manager app is that it is quite difficult to manage cloud storage. It supports various file transfers where you can send images, files, and folders from one device to another. Considering all these aspects you will probably find this as an excellent File Manager comparing with that of others.

2. X-Plore File Manager

Here comes another extraordinary file manager for Android device that is X-Plore File Manager which is very much beneficial. You can also apply different themes which is much more appealing especially in the perspective of Windows 95 look. Once you click on the app it will be opened automatically where you will feel comfortable to manage all your files. It is an excellent platform that will easily help you to navigate through different files located on your device. You can also share different images, videos and music files from one device to another. This application is considered as the second largest used file management application incorporated with cloud storage Technology. It is supposed to get additional features and which it also has built-in USB OTG as well. It supports different file transferring methods so you can choose the one that you are compatible with.

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3. MiXplorer

MiXplorer is considered as one of the most potential file manager application that you can easily download and use. The advantage associated with this is that it supports cloud storage along with unlimited specifications including Bluetooth, SFTP and many more. You can very easily encrypt different files as well as folders. The application is also supported with various plugin features where buttons are also part of it.

By using the specifications you can very easily arrange everything and allow space for your management of files.  Even though it is not attractive file manager but still it is considered to be more focused in terms of providing a management facility. Different themes and colors can also be applied to completely change the look of your device. In addition to that you can also customize different font sizes, and completely change the look of the app.


However, sometimes managing files on small screen devcie like Android is not the best fit and prefer doing the task on a computer so you can complete the task much faster and more comfortable. In here, we suggest taking a look at TunesBro Android Manager, which you can transfer, backup and restore file in one click.


The unique file manager application explained about for your Android device are significantly graded as the best applications. They act as built-in file manager applications helping in providing lots of functionalities. Moreover, it is your choice to select the best manager as all of them are completely specified in their own way. So you have to know your requirement upon which you have to select the best one that suits you. Go through the list given account that will give you clear idea don’t know how you can acquire a perfect sale for you.

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