Best WordPress Design Trends for 2018

With the changing times, the significance of internet has grown in everybody’s life. We all know that the only thing that connects people throughout the world is the internet. No matter where or who you are, you can see the same thing on your device as anyone else. The flooded population of smartphones has caused CMS like WordPress shine. WordPress has most people using it because of the simplicity with which you can use it and also because of the design themes that it provides.

The Best Trends that will rule 2018 are:

  • Drag and Drop function

It is this feature that has made WordPress easier to use for new people in the industry. Using this you can easily drag files from the backend panel and work upon them. The editing of the website also becomes very easy as by using this design you are not actually interfering with much of the coding. You can build a very simple and amazing layout in very short period of time. You can have this design available for you using an array of plugins.

  • Video headers for WordPress

The normal trend throughout the world in almost every sector is that rich media like video is leading. Even the reports confirm the observation. Video is been loved by everybody. In the coming year, the influence of the fine media is only going to increase. WordPress has also presented a range of themes that makes including video headers easy.

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  • Virtual reality plug-ins for WordPress

The virtual reality has shown impressive results in many fields and is now making its way in web technology too. It is an extremely impressive technology and we can expect developers to adopt it as a design element in many WordPress plugins in time to come. Seeing the promising VR, WordPress offers complete support to introduce VR completely in the websites made. We already have many plug-ins that help us involve VR in our site.

  • Parallax scrolling

The time of single, unresponsive pages have gone. People now prefer one page look with responsive features. This design element makes that one page look, look more amazing. It typically gives you the feature of depth and interactive aspect of the site. By using this element you can boost engagement and interaction with your users. We can easily expect developers to use this element in the coming year at a huge scale.

  • E-commerce theme

If you need to have a business website, you have two options. Either you go to a professional e-commerce page builder or fall back to the good old WordPress. WordPress offers you a plugin, woo-commerce using which you can easily transform your site into a fully functional business website with awesome filters and great gateway options. And as e-commerce is taking over we are expecting a large use of this design element in the themes.

  • Minimalism rules it all

It is a common fact that we all dislike many things in a very small space. This is the reason why the website designers have gotten rid of the useless visual elements in their designers. Designers are using minimalist design to remove all the unnecessary things and focus only on the readability and usability of the site. Not only for the coming year, Tech Gurus found it promising enough to rule the design trend for many years to come.

  • Landing page style

With the minimalism taking over people love the one page look for their websites. They can now actually focus on the spirit of their website and explain their visitors quite easily what they do. This has helped them increasing their conversion rate too. Developers are focusing things upon the landing page, making it more interactive and engaging for the visitors.

  • Whitespace

Clarity of the content written is actually a big factor influencing our decision over a website. WordPress mega trend of whitespace will continue to follow. Giving lot of space around the content is a good practice and helps the visitors too.

Uniqueness and innovation have always been a part of design trends of WordPress. We can expect a lot from the WordPress designers the coming year.

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