Google Has Built A Prototype For Virtual-Reality Ads On Mobile Devices

To create successful apps/websites and provide the user a pleasant web browsing experience, developers have to make quick decisions about the prototype and validate features & concepts in the early stage of web development works. Rapid prototyping helps them to make the products appealing that people love to use.

Currently, there are numerous prototyping tools that are being used for various platforms, such as web and mobile. Web developers and designers, even with a little technical expertise, can easily visualize the ideas and make a dummy version of the future products to get feedbacks from the potential users and launch the products in the right form later.

On the other hand, virtual reality has no such prototyping tools. All web designers who did not try their hands on 3D animations or game will face lots of problems to prototype a new VR app or game.

Example Ad #2

Search engine giant Google, which earns most of its income from advertisements, is sincerely working to improve the quality of its ads for users. As the VR is getting popular with each passing day, Google has launched an initiative to modernize itself through VR.

Recently, researchers at Google’s experiment unit, area 120, has kicked off a new project and said that they have successfully created the first version of a digital advertising especially for users who use mobile and virtual-reality applications.

In a blog post, written by Google product manager Aayush Upadhyay and associate project manager Neel Rao, displayed the prototype of a nameless product. The video demonstrated that users can click a VR app to activate the digital ads.

As, Big online casinos have been already suggesting VR online blackjack games, so, Google is also exploring advertising in VR with an intention to create new ways for developers so that they can create VR apps, sell them online, and earn money. It’s a notable fact that both Google and Facebook are involved in the development of such ads to encourage web developers to use this technology as far as possible. So, Google is encouraging developers to test this project with the help of a Samsung Gear VR headset, Daydream VR Platform and Google Cardboard headset.

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