How to access Blocked websites?

There are a number of times when we have faced the fact that we are in incessant need of some websites and they just won’t open up in any manner. Now if that is the case, then the only thing that we used to do is to go for such similar websites. But now that is not at all the case. This might occur in your workplace where you are not given access to certain sites, but you feel the need to use them. Also, you might experience this problem in your school, college or even your university. Now today we are going to discuss the methodologies that you are going to try once this type of situation arises.

Steps to be followed in order to unblock the websites:

1.    Accessing via IP instead of the URL- You can do this by getting hold of the IP address from the Terminal on OS X and this is even easier if you are using Windows.  You just have to insert and press ‘enter’. Copy the IP that you get beside the name of the URL that you are trying to open and then you can open the website with ease. This is possible because in these cases, the block is placed only on the URL and not on the IP address.

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2.    Why do you even worry when you have a number of proxy sites in hand? – If you browse any website using its proxy site, then you will be able to do so in an anonymous manner- you are connected to the proxy server which in turn is connected to the original destination so you remain anonymous.Use A Proxy Site3.    VPN service can help you a lot- The Virtual Private Network is the one that gives you a private access of the site through the help of the public network. It makes the whole thing look as if you are surfing from the country where the server is located which means that your original location does not get revealed at all. The hola is one of the best VPN services that help you to browse without the fear of censorship.VPN service 4.    Make use of TOR browser- This is the kind of browser that lets you surf any website in an anonymous manner. But in order to do so, you need to browse the Tor browser and install it. Once you connect it, you can start browsing right away.
TOR browser5.    Use public DNS of ISPs- There are some internet service providers that make use of their DNS in order to block the access to the websites. Now you can change the configuration of the network that you have and then you can start browsing in any manner you want to. public DNS6.    Make proper use of the Google translate- You might be wondering as to how this can help you in giving access to the blocked websites. Well, if you enter the blocked website URL in the translation box and get it translated into the other language, then you can use the website in the translated language which you have chosen. Once the site has opened, you have to click View Original in order to get back to the original language that you want. Google translate7.    Set the browser’s proxy manually- In order to set the proxy, you need a working public proxy. Now you can get one at HideMyAss. Once that is done, you have to make sure that you grab an IP and port and then there are two distinct things for two distinct browsers. For Firefox, you have to go to the preference, click Advanced and then choose the tab network for them. Then, under connection you have to click the manual proxy configurations.   Now you have to just enter the IP and the port and then the work can be done. If you want to browse through Chrome, you will have to use Proxy Helper.
browser’s proxy manually8.    Edit host file- This means that you can edit the host files in order to bypass the website IP address of the blocked website. You can use the service from Pentest Tools and there you have to insert the domain name and search for the sub domain details. When the search result arrives, you just have to copy the address that you get in the browser and start surfing. host file9.    SSH tunnels- If you want to use SSH tunnels, you have to make sure of the fact that you have an account. If you are using Windows, then you can use Putty and run: ssh-D 12345user@host. domain. This will help you in running the SOCKS server port 12345. There you have to enter the username and the password and minimize the box. Next, you have to go to the Firefox browser and go to the preferences->advanced->network->settings. There you have to check on manual proxy configurations, enter on the SOCKS host and enter the port number given to you while creating the SSH account. Now click ok in order to save the settings. Lastly, open a blank tab and type about: config and then you have to set true for: network.proxy.socks_remote_dns. Once this is done, you can use Firefox for browsing using the tunnel.
SSH tunnels

Now that you know about a lot of methods to access blocked websites, there can be no stopping you from accessing blocked websites whenever, wherever.

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