Top 10 Promising iMessage Apps for your iPhone

Recently, Apple has rolled out the latest update on iOS 10 to boost its functionality and extend the capabilities of many existing features. One of the impressive addition to this update is the flexibility to use third-party application inside the native messaging application, known as iMessage. This means you can download and install your favorite app(s) within the iMessage chats, without any complications.

Now it becomes super-easy for you to manage multiple tasks using imessage app. You can get a live update of your favorite sport event, or get alerts about the weather right in your message box. Even, you can book a table in a restaurant or book your mobile ticket in seconds – everything is possible with the release of this latest iOS update.

So, in this blog post, we will explore the ten most promising iMessage apps that will embed more features and functionalities in your chat. All you need to do is to download and install the relevant application into your iPhone.

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1. OpenTable

1Use this app to find and reserve a table in your favorite restaurant across the world in a few clicks. In fact, you don’t need to pay extra for this. The app also gives you the chance to earn reward points each time you book the seat in a restaurant.

The best part about OpenTable is that it is compatible with iOS 10, and works well with Apple Messanger and Maps applications. So, download the app from iTunes at free of cost.

2. Poll

3Create a poll inside your iMessage conversation instantly using this powerful application.

If you want to take an opinion from your friends, you can use this app to create and deliver poll within your iMessage chat box where each member will be allowed to vote and results will be showcased immediately.

The app lets you add eight friends in the conversation and ask them to vote according to their choice. However, you need iOS 10.0 or newer versions if you want to use this app. Plus, it works amazing on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

3. The weather channel for iMessage

Planning for a day out with your friends and family members, then get mini forecasts on your iPhone or iPad using this beautiful weather forecasting application. The app will help you provide the weather conditions right on your phone.

The app provides weather forecasts on the daily and weekly basis, which can be shared on iMessage in the form of the mini weather forecast. You will also get alerts on lightning, storms and hail and floods.

4. GIF Keyboard by Tenor

GIF Keyboard enables you to show off their feelings in the most engaging way from a keyboard. Create beautiful stickers just by pressing and holding any GIF, and drag and drop sticker to any text, image, or GIF iMessage.

Use front or rear camera of your phone to create your own GIF. Now express your feelings while chatting to your loved ones using this excellent application.

5. Citymapper

citymapperCitymapper is a much-needed application, especially for those who are living in metropolitan cities. The app allows users to share their locations in few taps in no time and streamlines all travel modes including, buses, trains, bikes, subway, etc.

You will also get Uber Cab service if you use this application on your iPhone or iPad. So, manage your trips and reach the place you want to go with ease.

6. Square Cash

An ideal tool for transferring money online via a safe channel. The application lets you integrate your MasterCard, Visa to transfer money instantly. It supports 128-bit encryption, along with Touch ID to secure your online transactions.

With this app, you can transfer cash to your bank in seconds at 1 percent fee amount. You can also buy anything using this app – as it comes with in-built Visa virtual card number.


ESPN is a worldwide popular sports applications that enable you to get a real-time update about scores, and the latest news on sports. You can even watch live sports event all around the ESPN networks.

The app supports English and Spanish languages and available at free of cost. It is compatible with iOS 9 or recent versions.

8. Star Wars Stickers

star-wars-stickersMake your conversations more impressive with this striking animated star wars stickers pack. Add your favorite star wars sticker anywhere in the iMessage in seconds.

To use those stickers, you need to press and hold the desired image or sticker, and drag and drop into your iMessage. But for that, you need iOS 10 or later versions.

9. Words With Friends

The app offers you free social crossword games that you can play with your friends during a chat. Use the contact list of your phone and invite your friends and family members for a game.

This application requires iOS 8 or later versions and works fine with iPhone, iPod, and iPad touch devices. It also supports varied European languages.

10. Super Mario Run Stickers

super-mario-run-stickersWe all know about the Mario Game. Now you get free sticker pack that you can add to your conversation in seconds. You can exchange the different Mario stickers within your chats in a quick way.

The application needs iOS 10 or later versions if you want to run on your iPhone, iPad or iPod devices.


These are the ten most exciting iOS applications that you can integrate into your iMessage app and make your conversations more effective.

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