Increase Conversion Rates and Sales by WooCommerce Plugins

It is the sovereignty of the WooCommerce Plugin because of which it is powering more than 2 Lakhs of websites and it is too good with its customization and scalability that it is becoming a tempting option for the all the online stores. So what makes it’s more powerful? It is its plug-in integration capabilities which are important in adding some essential features for the betterment of online stores and sell products online successfully. The very good thing about this plug-in is that there are effective tools which are better for conversion and sales. There are 50,000 plugins available in the market; so you have to take out some time in looking out for the WooCommerce plug-ins. Let us know few best plugins which are available in the market:

WooCommerce Exit Coupons Popups Pro

It is a requirement for every WordPress website to have a WordPress popup plug-in. This enables them to grow their email list. However, an ecommerce website need more than that. Popups for online stores a helpful in incorporating to grant the coupon codes, appear at exit and collecting social followers. This WooCommerce plug-in is considered as the best WordPress popup Plug-in.

Booster for WooCommerce

If you want to take your e-commerce all over the world then this plug-in is very important. It has lots of features such as it is capable to localize the website depending upon the shoppers’ country. With the help of website localization, this plug-in is also able to translate the website profile along with contents, product descriptions, and graphics, images so that they can match the language of the target audience with accuracy and sensitivity of the culture. There is some more unique feature available in it such as it can change the price of the products at the local currency.

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WooCommerce Live Sales Notification

There are many smart tips that the new stores usually promote in their stores as the popular brand to advertise the hot products for the display of sales notification on the recent basis. You can sync with the real order to generate notifications and allow creating the fake notifications for the promotion of products to sense your website a busy store even if your business didn’t received any orders yet. It is totally a free plug-in along with scheduling the perfect timing for showcasing the sale notifications. There are different popup woo-commerce themes also available to match the store’s design.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

This is again a free plug-in which is available and it allows the users to add wishlist button for the easy and convenient purpose. Most of the big e-commerce companies do have wishlist buttons so that they can understand their customer’s requirements and can continue selling even the product is out of stock. This way you can direct your visitors to the wishlist page and they can choose style and layout. For a visitor, multiple wishlists can also be created. You can also add a feature that the visitors can keep their wishlist private or can make it public to drive referral traffic as well.


Are you looking for comprehensive marketing automation solution for the automation of sales and marketing? Just do look for Beeketing for WooCommerce plug-in. This is the best WooCommerce plug-in available in the market. There are different tools which are designed for the optimization of conversion rates, nurturing the loyal customers and optimization of conversion rates. With the help of boost sales, one can do the up sell and cross-sell offer popup which is a combination of WooCommerce related products which can feature the increment of average order value.

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