10 Best Spa Appointment Scheduling Software

The amount of workload that a SPA owner has to suffer through is tremendously huge. Even a little help by anyone or anything always feels great. The spa appointment scheduling software basically helps you solve all the problems that you face while managing your SPA. Processes like bookings, employee management, marketing and even the payroll will become absolutely hassle free if you use one of these. But the biggest problem is that often it happens that we are unable to find the right software, this article solves the problem. Top spa appointment scheduling software has been listed in this article to help you in the process.

1. Mindbody

This is software in the list that is designed for both the client and the SPA owner. The basic principle of the software is to provide you tools to give your clients a perfect personalized experience. When it comes to businesses like SPA where you deal with direct comforts of the client, nothing is better than a personalized experience for the client.

2. Shedul

Shedul is a highly user friendly software that has taken off a great deal of weight off the shoulders of the SPA owners. This has easy to use tools to manage your clients and their bookings  and also for seeing the history of each and every client. The software will help you to manage the bookings of your clients and also to enable them to book through your website or through Facebook.

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3. Vagaro

This is probably the most powerful software that does almost all the work that you have. Its calendar makes it easy to book and manage, and then it has marketing packages as well so that apart from retaining the old clients you also make some new clients. You also get powerful apps and also the ability to get booked 24/7 through Facebook and other platforms. This also takes care of the clients by reminding them about their appointment on the day.

4. Zenoti

This software is a complete package that will help you in managing your SPA. The best part about it is that it will provide mobile apps for both the clients and the employees for smooth functioning. This software makes the billing process easy because of its integrated credit card system. You will also be provided with great marketing solutions to take your business even higher. With this software you can also accept payment online through your mobile apps.

5. Booker

This is one cloud-based software in the list that is, of course, will be a great help for you. It handles everything be it booking, billing, marketing, payments and even management. This software focuses on making new clients and also on retaining the previous ones. Retaining clients is a very important aspect of successful business as the clients coming back often spend more than their first time. This software is even helpful in managing your inventory and also provides you with the reports regarding everything of your SPA so that it gets easy for you to supervise things.

6. Rosy

This is one of the most suited software for small to mid-sized SPAs. This is web-based software that helps you handling everything just like a nice assistance. The software allows you to get bookings through online platforms. You also get inventory control to manage the sales of your products with this software. Providing mobile friendly sites is one of the most important and impressive features of rosy.

7. Envision

This software is one stop solution for all you SPA management software. It handles everything for you from management to marketing, retailing to reporting. This probably has everything that you need to help you grow your business to another level. The highlight of this software is that you set automatic reminders up to 3 times for the client before their appointment. This even helps you to maintain a waiting list that will be of great use if someone cancels out at the last moment. It will automatically push-in someone else in his/her place to keep the system, going smoothly.

8. Milano

This is one of the most simple and versatile software for SPA management. It offers everything that you need to manage your business. It will make your booking, payment, and marketing even easy and hassle-free. Even the payment process becomes easy. Always remember that a simple payment process always attracts more clients to make it as simple as possible.

9. Insight

insightIt is a complete virtual assistant that will manage the marketing, help you manage the books and also will be a great business coach. You will get everything under one head and it really will become easy to manage everything once it starts helping. It will help your customers to track their appointment by using a mobile app.

10. AestheticsPro

This is one of the most used and trusted software in the market. You will get the facility of a central calendar using which you can schedule and cancel appointments. This software has the great interface and also it maintains records of almost everything so that you can take an overview whenever it is needed.

SPA management software will help you manage the daily headaches of your business. All of the software listed above is great; it’s just the matter of requirement and preferences that will lead to your choice. Choose wisely as it will thereafter manage your business so that you manage your clients.

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