10 Best Salon Scheduling Software For 2018

One of the most difficult things of this world is managing your business. This gets even more difficult when you need to deal with direct comforts of your customers like that salon buinesses. If you fall even a little short of giving them the required attention you might end up losing a client. But you really can’t help it, the appointments, employees and on top of everything maintaining the books. All of these things can get too hectic to handle but the development of salon softwares have made things easy now. In this artcle I have mentioned salon softwares and ways that they help you in.

1. Timely

Timely is one of the easiest to use and simple software for salon owners. This makes your work really less and easy. All you get to focus is the customer sitting in your salon at that moment. You get ‘reschedule’ and ‘book next’ to get the appointment hassle. Your customers get a universal booking button from where they can book their appointments with you. You get the facility of accepting the payment from an online gateway and also you can set e-mail or text message notification for the clients regarding the appointment. The best advantage of using timely is that you get to see the entire history of every customer with you; the complete record is automatically maintained.

2. Mindbody

mindbodyThis is probably the blessing of God for small businesses. It looks after the biggest headaches of any businesswoman. It basically handles the bookings of the client, accepting payments and managing the staff. The best thing about this software is that it also helps you make your branded app. This will help you in branding, publicity and even in attracting the customers. You will even get a good deal of social media publicity as the customers will be immediately able to share their visit on their timeline.

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3. Vagaro

It is software that you can use without worrying about the size at which you operate. It has really powerful tools regarding all you need. Be it email marketing, be it online bookings of the ever precious customers or the issue of customer retention. It also helps customers in rescheduling their appointments by a simple drag and drop option. This software even takes care of the sales and marketing of your brand. The best thing about this software is that it automatically provides regular updates for the people visiting you regularly. The basic rule to have a successful business is to retain clients and these regular updates help you retain some.

4. Phorest Salon Software

Phorest Salon Software logo (CNW Group/Phorest Salon Software)

Once you start using the Phorest to manage your business, you will realize that your work is almost gone. It will manage your bookings, payments, stocks and even the staff that you have. This helps you in making money by the technique of client retention. Once a client comes back it is seen that in 72% chances he spends more money than he spent the last time. It automatically does the tracking of overdue clients. Your customers will start receiving machine generated messages from their favorite stylist. This will increase the chances of client getting fully satisfied and coming back.

5. Marketing 360

Marketing 360 is a package that has marketing solutions and digital marketing software. The basic motive of Marketing 360 is to provide you with the marketing solutions that will help your business take to another level. You can get good marketing executives through this solutions. You also do not need to worry about your website once you start to use this software.

6. When I work

This is probably the software that is loved the most by the managers. It almost finishes the work that a manager needs to do. This is an excellent scheduling and rescheduling software. Managers can easily assign work to the employees. This software provides a central calendar with which employees can mark their availability for a stipulated time. This also has a facility with which you can make the weekly or monthly schedule and after back just sit back and relax.

7. Millennium SpaSalon

This is an all in one solution for any salon size. It will help you in functioning no matter if you are a lone warrior or a multi-location spa. This looks after the bookings, helps in marketing and also manages the inventory. Its awesome facilities don’t just stop at these, it also provides a great help to your hardware solutions. The experts of Millennium SpaSalon can suggest you the best hardware solutions that might help you in your salon functioning.

8. Salon iris

This is a web-based solution to all your spa related problems. This software helps you in managing bookings, customers, and finances all under one roof. This software takes care of the bookings of new as well as old clients. This is a well-known truth that retaining the client has always been the top secret to a successful business.

9. Insight Salon & Spa Software

In short, this is your virtual assistant. Perfect for people with small businesses, this makes your bookings and managing the salon all too easy for you.

10. Frederick

Frederick is an AI-based software that takes your business up by encouraging referrals and by improving your online reputation. It will ensure that the store is always having text campaigns to promote itself and in the end, it also encourages the client to post a positive review.

Technology is at your service at all hours. The only need is that you leave the conventional methods and use the new ones. The ways in which the softwares help you are great. They just take don too much pressure down from your shoulders. Trying them is no harm, so the least you can do is to try them and see if suits your way of working.

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