10 Really Smart Gadgets to Help You Increase Productivity

The world is all about technology contemporary and is working on advanced gadgets. Apart from smartphones, you may come across more gadgets that advance your lifestyle like smart cars, smart TV, smartwatch and many more. It doesn’t mean that all smart label gadgets are actually smart. It means that it is connected with smartphone via Bluetooth or app. These innovative creations are easy to use and can ease your lifestyle too.

If you are hunting for amazing smart gadgets, which are smart enough to fit into your pocket and quick to use, then let us help you in acquainting few ones. We have reviewed a few gadgets that may assist you keep track of your important things, a pen that can change the method of work which you are doing online and also a smart lock that will help save your life. Here are the details.

1. Arlo

Arlo is capable of recording up to 720p video with 110 degree angle. This smart security camera can be installed at home and office for your security. If you need to install cameras for security purpose, then you have to fuss with settings, receivers, and wires. But with Arlo, you can easily connect a security camera anywhere. Connect it to your WiFi and monitor it from your smartphone with the App. It is featured with a magnetic mount and waterproof container in order to protect from heat as well as rain. If camera finds any kind of movement, it starts recoding quickly.arlo

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2. TrackR Stickers

It is a quarter-sized device which is easily stuck or fastens to any device or item. By using this amazing app, you may immediately find your misplaced thing in few minutes by ringing your TrackR, by using Crowd GPS or via Distance Indicator. It is available in three different variations:

TrackR Stickers

  • The flat and rectangular Wallet (for Keys)
  • The coin sized Sticker
  • The waterproof, engravable trackr (for pets)

It rings at 85 dB once triggered with App. The other benefit of this gadget is that, one can easily trace their phone by simply pressing TrackR’s button.

3. Fever Smart

As the name suggests, Fever Smart is a gizmo that reveals fever quickly. This patch thermometer can be connected to the Iphone. It allows you to check patient’s body temperature. This amazing gadget is very useful for ladies who want to track their ovulation through basal temperature in order to conceive a baby. It is useful for parents who would like to monitor a sick kid, but could not be physically there with them. It is also good for doctors who can keep track of their patient’s temperature. The team is going to release its Android App very soon.Fever Smart

4. Bolt

This smart bulb will be able to illuminate your room with lots of colors with just single bulb. This innovative gadget is perfect to decorate your room or add charm in your parties. This smart lamp fades away your worry of changing a light bulb as it comes with 2 year warranty. It is easy to monitor by just installing this App on your smartphone. It can be used as an alarm by changing its settings. Bolt

5. Equil Smartpen 2

Hey! Are you a writer or artist? We have found an amazing gadget for you which name is Equil Smartpen 2. It is perfect for you. With this gadget, you can use sketch, doodle as well as draw, write notes, plot novels on a piece of paper, after that you may transfer into digital form. Write or make a doodle, this pen turns your work into digital form via pen or Bluetooth pen. One can share their data through social media or sync their files with other platforms like Dropbox. This amazing software converts your handwriting to editable text which makes it an ideal gadget for office purpose too. Traditional languages like Korean, Chinese, etc. are also editable. It turns to be a beautiful gift for your dear ones too.equil

6. Bttn

Bttn has some unique features for you. It is a physical button giving you access to a particular service. One can control any internet enabled device by just pressing it. In simple words, it’s a trigger one can configure to let you know various things happening around, for instance, arrival of someone at home. Trigger services like Facebook, Twitter, SMS or emails by connecting to WiFi or mobile data.bttn

7. Keen Home

Keem Home is smart vent which is used to balance your room temperature. You may easily open or close the vent with just one click on your phone. Installing the smart App on your smartphone allows you to control the temperature according to your preference. It has automatic settings for your comfortable range. It is innovatively designed to save energy and pay peanuts for electricity. The device is available in various designs which run for years on 4 AA batteries.keen home

8. Smokio

This elegant vaporizer keeps a track of your smoking activity. Smokio counts your each puff along with your nicotine levels daily. The gadget gives you statistics on your puffing habit. It also gives you a report of your financial savings. Charge it once and get reports of 750 puffs with this smart Smokio. It’s an ideal present for those who wish to quit this habit, but fails in the same.VAPIO

9. The Pocket Printerzuta

A portable printer can be smartest widget one can have while traveling. Perfect for office or educational purpose, this device decreases your hindrance in printing your content to zero. It works with WiFi nexus and prints any document from your smartphone to tablet, desktop to laptop.

10. Skylock

Connect with bluetooth and keep an eye on your bike. One can lock or unlock their vehicle by installing Sky Lock App. It sends you crash alerts along with tampering activity. Moreover, its battery is praiseworthy as once charged it works for 6 months. skylock

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