Huawei P20 Pro Gaming Performance

Over the past few years, we have seen a great evolution in Huawei’s smartphones. From the introduction of Huawei P9 to P20, there has been a massive growth in terms of software functionality, design, artificial intelligence, improved camera and pro gaming performance.

Huawei’s latest version 8.1 on the P20 Pro incorporates a comprehensive set of applications that can replace multiple in-built Google apps. This latest version features its own versions of apps for calendar, video playback, email, photo gallery and email. There is also a separate app store known as Huawei App Gallery from where you can download different apps, including the gaming ones on the go.

The best part is that the sharing pane on this version reflects more like iOS than Android. Plus, the UI is super fast and it is hard to see any stuttering while moving via switching apps. It has an amazing design quality- all because of metal frame and a slight curve glass backplate. It simple looks classy!

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When it comes to the gaming performance, P20 Pro provides outstanding experience to the end users. It loads games fast and ensures you get maximum level of satisfaction as there is lag even when you play slots online. In a nutshell, the gaming performance in P20 Pro is great and gives you ultimate experience.

Even if your game or app is not playing properly, the phone will automatically blacks out the notch area and remove it from immediately. This is a pretty clever feature. Though the phone don’t have the most robust GPU, it makes it super-easy to run high-end games without any bad UX.

Always do keep in mind that the features, user-interface, gaming and music performance and other functionality make this phone a worthy one. No matter how well you research the market, gathering all the genuine information about the latest version of any phone makes your job a bit easier.

In case you are concerned about the gaming aspect of Huawei P20 Pro, then this review will help you out. This smartphone has everything that can compete to any iOS device.

P.S – There is still some improvements that need to be done before making it a solid flagship in the Android world.

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