10 User-friendly Time Tracking Apps for Designers and Developers

online-time-trackingOnline time-tracking tools and applications have become a buzzword across the IT sector. It helps you track the time involved in designing or developing an entire web project. As a web developer and designer, you may need your space while working on your project. But the help of time-tracking tools, you can improve the quality of your work and deliver your project within an estimated time frame. This boosts both the productivity and quality of your creative skills. These tools can also help you manage your working hours to generate productive results.

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With over thousands of powerful time tracking tools available on the web, choosing the most suitable option becomes difficult for a web designer and developer. In this post, we will cover up the 10 most powerful and user-friendly time- tracking apps that will help you track your time that you spent on each project, task or client.

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1. TwProject

twprojectTwproject is a perfect online time tracking and project management tool that can help you track the working hours/time of your employees with ease. It is an ideal application for both large and small scale businesses. The tool can help you manage your and your team’s day to day project and time management woes.

With this software, you can organize your team’s work, plan and take action on important things for better results. Besides time and project management solution, Twproject can also help you manage your projects budgets and audit the costs involved in entire projects development process.

2. Standard Time

standard-timeStandard Time is a one-stop solution for time tracking and project management capabilities. It offers a host of advanced features to help you track, monitor and manage your team’s time efficiently.

Since, it is fully compatible with Web, Windows, Android and iOS devices, you can access the tool anywhere, anytime. Overall, the software is an amazing timesheet and project management software that on multiple device – it can be on server, in the cloud or windows desktop or your Android and iPhone devices.

3. Timesheet Portal

timesheetTimesheet Portal is unarguably the world’s leading time tracking and project management software that lets you grow your business by keeping your employees and projects well-organized.

It offers a ton of features  with several configuration options to let you track the time of your employees (designers and developers) while working on their respective projects. Apart from this, it also offer expenses and an option for booking holidays that are then linked back to the timesheets. Timesheets and expense claims will latter convert into client invoices by making the use of client billing module feature.

4. Emplotime

emplotimeEmplotime is ideally designed for small to mid size businesses. It is the most affordable solution for time clock system. It can help you track your team’s productive hours in a matter of few seconds.

The software comes with a few advanced features such as PTO, overtime, 24/7 support and many more. Even, printing and exporting reports to pds, excel and word becomes super easy with this tool. And the best part is that you will get 30 days free trial once signing up to their service.

5. actiTIME

actitimeactiTIME includes a user-friendly interface that lets you track, organize, plan and manage day to day project/tasks with ease. The tool can help you improve the productivity, and performance of  your personnel and projects for better outcomes.

Furthermore, it takes estimates, create deadline reminders and budget-friendly notifications with the aim to deliver the project on time and budget.

6. FunctionFox

functionfoxDevelop creative projects , without getting worried about the total time spent on each project. You just need to sign up, add your task and click on the “start timer’ and it will start tracking your time.

The tool lets you personalize your admin dashboard using all the advanced features of FunctionFox. Plus, it helps you get precise tracking on your projects and minimize admin time, increase profits for your organization.

7. Reporter

reporterReporter is an incredible time tracking application designed specifically for iPhone users. The tool lets you track time efficiently. It has been customized to grab the most imperative information with the lowest friction.

The best part about Reporter is that all of your data will easily be available as CSV or JSON formats that you can latter save it to the Dropbox.

8. Eylean

eyleanAlthough Eylean is a popular project management tool, you can’t overlook its time tracking functionality. Its simple and intuitive interface lets you track and overview overall productive time with ease. It also help you export data with ease.

9. MoneyPenny.me

pennyIt is a simple and easy to use application that empowers you to track time, projects and team performance from multiple device. Even, users can track team’s performance and work efficiency in real time on the go.

It is integrated well with project tracking, live task tracking and team monitoring actions for generating increased sales.

10. Time Clock Wizard

time-clock-wizardTime Clock Wizard offers a host of advanced features to help you schedule your employees time efficiently. It helps you track employees time and generate payroll reports quickly and easily.

Besides employee scheduling, task management, and time tracking functionality, Time Clock Wizard helps you make payrolls within a matter of few minutes.


These are 10 most user-friendly time tracking and project management softwares that can help you manage your design and development team’s efficiency quickly and easily.

13 thoughts on “10 User-friendly Time Tracking Apps for Designers and Developers

  1. I would like to suggest Fanurio http://www.fanuriotimetracking.com which does both time tracking and invoicing. Fanurio is a desktop application designed to help freelancers and small teams manage their work and be paid for it. It can do project management, time tracking and invoicing in order to have all the functionality in one place.

  2. I would also suggest you add Timogix (www.timogix.com) to this list of apps. Being an independent contract developer myself this is what I use to track hours and then invoice the client.

  3. Great collection of Time Tracking Apps.
    Suggest you Active Collab to manage projects and work together with your team. One-stop destination for tracking time, and issuing invoices.

  4. For time management ClickTime is best. It’s fast, simple and easy to use. Customer support is fantastic.

  5. Great list of some of the best time trackers in this blog post.
    TwProject super easy to use, effective, it really works!

  6. I found the Standard Time is very nice and especially like it because it’s well designed interface and provide the timesheets and detailed time reports.

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