Google Lofted an App Maker to Simplify Custom App Development

google-app-makerGoogle has just announced the launch of an App Maker that will help organizations to build custom cloud-based applications for their diversified business needs. It is a low code tool that will simplify the business-oriented apps development process. The tool is ideal for those who are less tech savvy or don’t have time to build fully customized app that can serve a specific business purpose inside an organization.

This new service empowers users to drag and drop widgets on a user interface and compile it with data from your G Suite applications, Contacts, Google Maps and any other service that comes with an API. All these applications then run on the same platform where Google’s other G Suite apps run. Even, you can manage them easily – the same way you manage Google Drive, Gmail, and other G Suite apps.

And the best part is that you can further customize them using scripts, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS programming languages. It means you can develop your application from scratch using these robust languages.

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Use of This Feature-Rich App Building Tool

As a business owner, you can use this tool to create apps for time tracking solutions, project management solutions, tracking orders and inventory or any other app that can help you manage your business processes with ease.

With the help of this tool, you can develop apps that can solve your specific requirements without even hiring a professional web app developer. Users who know coding can delve deeper to make it more sophisticated– thanks to its in-built scripting editor.

The App Maker will give tough competition to other existing low code app development services such as Salesforce’ App Cloud or tools from Mendix, OutSystems, etc.

Along with the App Maker announcement, Google also made an announcement of incorporating several new enterprise applications to its “Recommended for G Suite” program. It means that this app is well-integrated into G Suite and run on the same infrastructure where other Google’s G suite apps are running. Google also publicized new partners including LumApps, Freshdesk, Xero, Virtru, DocuSign, Asana, and Zoho Invoice. App Maker is now available via Google’s Early Adopter Program.

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