A Blogger’s Guide: 3 Different Techniques of Link Building You Must Know

12As a blogger, you should always practice link building if you want to improve the conversion rates of your blog. Of course, link building is a tough job especially for those who are new into the web world, but it is one of the effective ways to generate quality leads.

It is one of the most crucial parts of the SEO that needs creativity, patience, and a budget. In fact, all the link building campaigns vary from each other, and the way you select to build links depends upon the nature of your website.

In this blog post, we will share the three basic techniques of link building that every blogger should know. But before this, let’s explore the meaning and importance of link building for your blog.

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What is Link Building?

It is a digital marketing strategy developed to increase your chances to get links associated to your blog, site, post or an article. This will improve the visibility of your blog/site on Google and other search engine platforms – the more links point to you, the larger proportion of visitors and search engines will read and click your site.

A proper link building campaign can help achieve all your targeted goals such as:

  • It will generate more web traffic
  • Improve the conversion rates
  • Bring visibility
  • Bring more awareness to your brand, etc.

Here are the three basic methods of link building that every blogger should follow:

1. Use of Networking

Networking is one of the effective of getting links. You can join groups, online communities, forums relevant to your blog. This will give your custom written content a visibility via new followers and groupmates, and you will get links from there.

But you need to spend some quality time on each online community with an objective to know people and allowing them to know about you and your blog. You can’t just post your blog posts or articles just after joining the group – first build interest if you want to gets links. So, be careful while executing this strategy. Keep yourself calm and take your time. Don’t forget to read the guidelines (if there is any) as they will help you know what you can do when it comes to self-promotion.

2. Write Viral Content

Apart from networking, you can also get genuine links to your blog by writing engaging and viral content. The purpose of creating viral content is simple – it will be shared so many times that you will get a large number of links pointing to you.

So while writing such type of content, make sure you create curiosity for your potential readers. For that, you need to write engaging, appealing and relevant content. Well, this seems so simple but getting links via viral or shareable content is a challenging task.

You need to keep yourself updated with what your readers expect, and you can create something that appeals to them. In short, wisely pick your topic and format.

3. Publish Quality Content

Publishing quality content can help you get links quickly and easily. All you need to do is to provide quality and captivating content to encourage people to read your blog post or article – this adds value to the content and helps you get a large number of links.

As a writer or a blogger, you know how much research you have to do while writing on a particular topic. You need to understand the taste of your readers, what they expect from your content, and lots more. You do a complete research before starting off your work as this will help you create quality content.

Also, give credit to the author and link to the original post. If you do this, other bloggers will also do the same and you will get mentions without even contacting them.


A well-planned link building strategy can help achieve your goals as a blogger. You can get more links, drive a good amount of web traffic, improve conversions and generate more sales. But for that, you need to consider the three linking building methods mentioned above in this blog post.

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