4 Crucial Tips To Enhance The Speed Of Your Website

The speed of a site is one of the significant aspects that determine its usability and accessibility for longer. As a website owner, it becomes imperative to follow some techniques to improve the performance of their website.
4 Crucial Tips To Enhance The Speed Of Your SiteCertainly, a visitor won’t stay on your site if it takes ages to load web pages. This means a slow-loading site can smash your online reputation, and downturn the search engine ranking of your site. In fact, Google and other search engines prefer high-performance websites.

In order to boost the performance of your site, you need to look upon some of the powerful tips/tricks that can enhance the speed of your site, and increase its ranking on search engine platforms.

Today, in this blog post, we will light upon the four crucial tips that will help you in improving the overall performance of your site.

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1.   Avoid using images for displaying your content

Using high-quality images on a site can help you get more web traffic. It encourages customers to visit your website or read the content or blog post. But using images to display your substance makes the content unproductive for SEO.

In fact, embedding too many images could make your site heavier, which in turn reduces the speed of your website. If you want to avoid this situation, try to avoid using pictures for displaying your content. This is the best way to increase the loading speed of your site.

2.   Utilize outside CSS and JS records

Every time a customer visits your site, your program will first retain outer sources such as CSS and JavaScript records. This increases the loading time of your website. Therefore, it would be better for you to use outside CSS and JS records rather than using inline JS and CSS records.

By doing this, you can boost the overall performance of your site quickly and efficiently.

3.   Minimize redirects

In order to specify the new location of a URL, track clicks or migrate the site to the other domain, you need to redirect the browser from one URL to another. However, redirects cause an extra HTTP request and downturn the speed of a site.

But by keeping only those redirects that are technically necessary could increase your site’s speed. In fact, there are some useful Google’s recommendations:

  • Never reference URLs in your web pages that are known to redirect to other URLs. It is important for your applications to update URL references whenever resources change their location.
  • Don’t give generate more than one redirect to get to a particular resource.

4.   Use a CDN service

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is the accumulation of web servers distributed across different locations to deliver the static content immediately to the users.

The server preferred for delivering the content to a specific user is completely based on a measure of the network concurrence.  Use the best CDN service to deliver the content of your site such as images, videos, blog posts to your visitors more efficiently. This improves the overall performance of a site and delivers the better user experience to them.

Note: You can opt for the most suitable CDN hosting provider that can match your needs and standards.


These are some of the crucial tips mentioned in this blog post that can help you increase the speed of your site quickly and efficiently.

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