Two Types of Cloud Based SharePoint Solutions For Students

The availability of cutting-edge technologies for students is truly exceptional. The introduction of advanced technological equipment is allowing students to grow their learning capabilities and enhance their knowledge.
Cloud is one of the revolutionary technologies that has given an innovative look to conventional classroom by putting tools like SharePoint and hosted virtual desktop at students’ disposal.

In this blog post, we will share the 2 different cloud-based solutions designed including SharePoint and virtual desktop that will improve the academic excellence of the students.

Benefits of using cloud based SharePoint solution by students

Key advantages associated with cloud-based SharePoint Solution:

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1.   Unified Platform for collaboration and content management

Most of the students find difficulties when they work on a group assignment, especially if members of their group are located in the different places. In such circumstances, SharePoint technology comes into existence.
Unified Platform for collaboration and content managementSharePoint grants a unified platform where students who have participated in a group assignment can configure a shared folder for files and documents. This particular folder can be accessed from any computer and via Microsoft applications.

In fact, it will give a notification to all the members when a change in any document is made. SharePoint stimulates the social experience by allowing the group members to contribute, collaborate and share all the material related to their assignment with ease.

2.   Rich Online Repository of informative and learning resources

Another problem faced by the students is the lack of learning material and resources. The SharePoint allows teachers to set up an extensive amount of learning material including instructional material, fun activities and audio-visual tutorials for students. They can access all the learning material by using a provided password.

Benefits of using Virtual Desktop solution:

Hosted virtual desktop relates students to their educational institute’s online materials. Being a student, it allows you to access all your lab work right from your personal computer or your mobile devices. All you require an Internet connection and a password. Let’s get down and explore the key advantages of using virtual desktop solution

1.   Availability and Mobility

One of the biggest benefits of using hosted desktop is availability of educational resources with ease. This means students don’t need to take stress about learning material and other resources. You can easily access your learning material and resources via a nominally powered computer or from your smartphone or tablet.

Virtualization requires that the server responsible for hosting the desktop will offer the necessary hardware resources for the quick and soothing operation of such software and applications.

2.   Secures data from theft

In the virtual world, data theft has become of the crucial problems. And the worst case for a student could be virus infiltration of the computer where they have stored all their educational material.

With the help of hosted virtual desktop, you can tighten the security of your system and protects your data from theft. In fact, you can protect your stored data from security vulnerabilities, viruses, and malware.


These are the two simple yet effective cloud-based solutions that can help students to gather their learning material and resources at their personal computer or mobile device. They can also carry out the group assignment with the help of SharePoint technology.

Overall, it is one of the advanced technologies that allow students to boost their learning capabilities and deliver a quality work quickly and efficiently.

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