5 Alternatives To Popular Cloud Services

There are many alternatives for storage and file sharing features with some unique features available for individual as well as business purposes. No doubt, the top cloud services are the most secure space to store your files and share it or edit it wherever and whenever you want. Dropbox, being the most popular of all cloud services because of its ease to create an account and using the features. Nevertheless, there are few other similar secure cloud services. Here are some of the top alternatives to popular cloud services:

1. Sync.com

Sync.com is one of the best cloud services and they provide similar features that of any popular clouds. Sync.com has a good facility with file sharing and sync, device and user control, zero-knowledge encryption, HIPAA compliance and automated cloud backups. They also let you have a free account of 5GB space. It also has plans for people needing storage space of about 500GB to 5TB.sync

2. OwnCloud

Like all other cloud services, OwnCloud is another cloud service that provides the features of sync files, calendars and contacts with all devices. Security is the best part of OwnCloud. OwnCloud needs a server, which could be your own computer. It is a network attached storage device. Although, OwnCloud installation is a bit tough job with your own encryption. They provide some of the interesting features such as bringing back the accidentally deleted files, you can manage and share galleries, can edit collaborative rich text documents. OwnCloud gives total control of managing the files to the user with its own drawbacks of being responsible for any action.owncloud

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3. SpiderOak

SpiderOak is known for their best services for security, although they are not zero-knowledge. They have a shared room which is actually password protected and is accessed through email. Files in the shared room are stored in plain text. SpiderOak uses small encryption keys for their online storage services which helps to separate between all forms of data. SpiderOak has a hive which is the main synching folder that helps to directly link to any of your operating system.spideroak

4. SugarSync

SugarSync is another cloud service providing the same features of file sharing and sync. They offer a virtual file manager to keep all your work organized and easy to access whenever needed. They also provide a very good security, works in the background without interfering your productivity and provides an automatic file backup. Stored files can be accessed from any device even from your mobile phones of different operating systems like Apple, Windows or Android.sugarsync

5. JustCloud

JustCloud is another cloud service with all the necessary features to store your files and access from any devices. Their services have a very good security with automated backup.  You can sync more than one device or just cloud the computer to access your files and store them. justcloud

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