5 Fabulous Android Apps to Boost Your Business Productivity

The new-age technologies such as internet-enabled mobile phones, tablets, iPhone, and web- based mobile applications have brought a revolutionary change in the business sector. Over the past few decades, different scale and niche of business organizations are making the use of high-end gadgets to improve their productivity and revenues.

Whether you are running a small scale business or you want to access, edit or share documents on the go, web-based mobile applications are the best solution for you.  There are plenty of robust android applications on the web that can help you improve the overall productivity of your business. You only need to download and install the applications on your mobile or tablet and they will automatically manage your daily assignments and other essential tasks for you.

Here, I’ve collected the five marvelous android applications that will help you maximize your productivity effectively and efficiently.

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1.    ClearFocus

ClearFocusClearFocus is an incredible web-based mobile application that manages your work time and makes you or your employees more productive. It allows you to set work sessions and keeps your mind focuses on what really matters.

It alternates working sessions with small breaks and lets you concentrate more on your improving your productivity. This means no more distractions, only focus on important tasks.

It offers various customizable settings that you can set according to your needs within a few clicks. Now manage your time effectively using ClearFocus application.

2.    Send Anywhere

SendAnywhereSend documents, files, images and videos directly, anywhere in the world.

It is a multi-platform file sharing application that allows you to share content across multiple devices in real time. All you need to do is to enter six digit code and send across any file type. There are no signup or login formalities. Send files through the optimal transfer path to transfer the files quickly and efficiently.

3.    Evernote

evernoteAnother incredible android application that can help you boosts the overall productivity of your business.

It helps you create a project to-do list, and note down a reminder. You can take text notes and images, record audios and videos and access it wherever you go. It comes in both the free and paid version. The free version allows you to upload content that is more than 60 MB in size and offers some of the advanced options to let you organize, edit, and share content with their employees and clients.

4.    Todolist

TodoistTodolist is a smart tool that manages various tasks within an organization. It is a straightforward task management application. Whether you need to collaborate with your team, keep track of your important projects, this app is an ideal option for you.

It lets you add all the important tasks that you have to do and sync it across all platforms.  With the help of Todolist, you can increase the efficiency and productivity of your business.

5.    Swiftkey

SwiftKeyThis is a third-party keyboard application that takes a little time to take notes in a more efficient way. It analysis the typing  style on your keyword, and determines what emojis you will need to use or what word you are going to type.

You can also customize your keyword as per your requirements and sync it across different devices.


If you are looking for a productivity-driven app, you can pick out any of the applications as per your needs. Now you can work efficiently, and also reduce the cost of production of your company.

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