Google Translate Now Offers Translate App

Google has launched a new feature to its Translate app which is known as ‘Tap to Translate’. This amazing feature enables people to translate highlighting text without the need to switch between applications. It is integrated within the Android clipboard, thus people just have to copy the text and an option to translate the same. Google has announced that this incredible feature works with one hundred three languages in Google Translate. This is entirely compatible with any device which is running Android Jellybean v4.2.appWhenever you make a small Translate icon will appear which you may tap to read a translation. The pop up may enable you to translate the text from the 1st language into the foreign language which you are reading.

It’s a one of the best tricks that must actually save folks some hassle, whether they have to translate text occasionally or frequently. Google says that it would work inside of any apps, be it a browser, a chat app, and  many more.

In the last month, Microsoft added a similar feature to the Android translation application, but it’s located the translate option in the paste / copy / cut menu, which is a bit less suitable than a giant bubble. Previously, Google provided translations in this way as well, but it was limited to a few applications.

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Google will come up with a couple of other updates to Google Translate. For Google Translate, an offline mode can easily work on iOS, with every offline language just need 25MB of space. On both Android and iOS, Google support for the Chinese inside of its Word Lens feature. This feature will point a phone’s camera at a printed text and watch a translation. It’s an amazing and  a lovely feature when it works.

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