5 Impressive Online Collaboration Tools For Managers

Today’s IT business organizations are executing their work by creating a team of proficient designers. Such teams work under the guidance of leaders who help them achieve the targeted goals effectively and efficiently. Although, the skills and capabilities of team members are enough to ensure a project’s success, you need to take them under the effective leadership.

Fortunately, there are thousands of powerful tools available on the web that can help you collaborate your work as well as your team members for improved results. In this post, we will cover the five most impressive online tools that will help you manage your team as well as your workflows in minutes. If you are a designer and looking for a complete team and work management online tool, then take out some time and read this blog post.

1. Invision

invisionappInvision is the most sought after prototyping, collaboration and workflow tool on the web. The tool makes it super easy for you to upload your design files, and add transitions and animations to convert your still images into a moving and interactive prototypes.

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The platform let you get your team members, clients, and stakeholders comments directly on your designs. In fact, you can view all your feedbacks for all your projects at one single place. It simplifies the collaboration process by managing your project screens and statutes from a central location.

It is an ideal tool for designers, freelancers, and design agencies who want to complete their project quickly and efficiently.

2. Wake

wakeNow designers can share their work with their team using Wake online tool. It simplifies the workflow process by allowing you to share the project’s information with your team members on the go.

The platform lets you upload and share screenshots, sketches, and other design files, without ever leaving your Photoshop or Illustrator design flow. Easy to set up a design activity channel for everyone in your company to follow the entire process of team’s design.

There is also a full-fledged native iOS app that will keep you updated when you are away from your office. No matter where you are, sharing and managing the project’s feedback becomes super easy with Wake.

3. Pinnery

pinneryPinnery is an ideal project management tool that helps you share your design files, screenshots, rough sketches and other information with ease.

All you need to do is to put your creative ideas on Pinney’s color-coded board, circulate the ones you want to follow the to-do-list, attach the files and images to each item on your list, cross-check the progress report and know the accomplishments before your project is done.

 4. Active Collab

activecollabActive Collab gives you a user-friendly way to keep your team organized while accomplishing your project’s goal. The versatility of Active Collab lies under its robust features list that allows you to manage your projects, track time, create and manage invoices quickly and easily. In short, it is a one-stop solution for all your team’s needs.

Over 20,000 designers and project managers currently utilizing this user-friendly tool on a regular basis. You can also subscribe to its 30-day free trial plan if you want to collaborate your team’s work effectively.

5. Paymo

paymoA new-age project management application designed especially for small and medium size businesses. It is a great platform for project management, team collaboration, Project Accounting and Timesheet Management. Create your workflows and circulate the related tasks via sequential and logical steps.

The platform focuses on keeping your team in sync and allows you deliver the quality work on time. This boosts the team’s productivity and accountability. You can even get your team’s progress reports, billable hours, and milestones on the fly.

Besides this, Paymo helps you build estimates, transform timesheet data into invoices, and track your expenses with ease.


Managing the workflow or team of designers is always a crucial task. But with the help of the right solution, you can simplify the things from your end and collaborate your team’s work for increased results.

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