7 Common Mistakes to Avoid while Creating your Mobile App

Highly-interactive and scalable mobile based web applications have been gaining a popularity day by day. Programmers and web app developers keep on developing unique and dynamic mobile apps to satisfy diversified needs of their customers.

With the help of cutting-edge web tools and technologies, you can build impressive and dynamic mobile apps with ease. But still, there are many developers and programmers who commit common mistakes while developing their mobile apps. If you want to embrace your mobile app development skills, you need to avoid some of the key silly mistakes that can ruin the whole effort that you made while creating your mobile app.

In this blog post, we will encounter seven most common mistakes that a developer should avoid when working on this mobile based web application project.

1. Ignorance of Device Basic Necessities and Features

Avoiding the key features of the targeted device is one of the biggest mistakes made by mobile app developers. While developing an app, make sure that you consider the built-in features of a mobile device. This will automatically embrace the functionality of your app and give rich user experience to your end users.

2. Overlooking User Experience

As a mobile app developer, you always need to create an app that can give soothing user experience to their end- users. No matter what mobile platform they are using, just ensure that you are giving them attractive, engaging, and accessible experience while using your app.

Although this is a key aspect, most of the mobile app developers often forget about the accessibility and usability of the app. So before concluding an app, make sure that you perform User Acceptance Test to ensure whether it works smoothly on targeted mobile device or not.

3. Exhausted Navigation System

Most of the developers (especially beginners) overlook the navigation system while developing applications for different mobile devices and platforms. Navigation is a key factor that can make or break your app, therefore, you should always focus on giving quick and smooth navigation that enables end users to access your app with ease.

4. Use of Too Many Features

The app programmer and developer should never stuff too many features while working on a particular mobile app development process. No doubt people love exciting features, but that idea should not become a curse for your application.

So, keep the design simple and add only necessary features that can take the accessibility of your app to the next level.

5. Selection of Wrong Operating System

The selection of wrong operating system could affect the user experience of your mobile app. It is always difficult to develop apps for different operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc. However, it is an excellent decision especially if you are launching your app for multiple OS environments at the same time, but you need to gather more information about the existing platforms before choosing the most suitable OS for your app.

6. Don’t Become Your Own Beta Tester

Beta testers are great tools that enable developers to encounter problems related to your app and provide feedbacks for further improvisations. They help you create a user-friendly app by running genuine tests via external beta testers.

7. Avoiding the User Analytics

Many of the mobile app developers forget about integrating user analytics service into their app. If you want to analyze your application performance at regular intervals, integrate a reliable analytics service to get insights about the real-time app users quickly and easily.

Flurry is an incredible analytics service for that will help you know more about the content, design, UX of your mobile app. So, don’t forget to integrate this robust service just after launching your app.


These are the seven most common mistakes committed by mobile app developers and programmers. By considering these mistakes, you can improve the quality of your app and deliver a high quality service to your clients and customers.

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