5 Tips to Consider While Buying Portable Charger for your Mobile Phone

New-age smartphones and tablets are well-versed with multi-purpose features that allow users to use their mobile device until its battery goes dead. Oh! Such an annoying situation, especially if you are on the move. However, you can’t blame anyone for the short battery life of your mobile phone, but you can find out a relevant solution to this problem,  step0001Yes, I am talking about the portable charger, which is known as Power Bank. Over the last few years, power bank has come up as one of essential accessory. It has become an absolute necessity for those who travel a lot.

There are thousands of companies across the globe producing cutting-edge power banks that sometimes it becomes  difficult to choose the best one that can meet the requirements of individual users. In this post, we will go through the five tips that will help you select the power-packed portable charger for your smartphone or tablet. So, consider the following points:

1. Go for Brand

Always choose a portable battery pack from a reliable company. You should buy a branded power bank for your mobile device. And if you are buying the portable battery pack online, then you should avoid unknown vendors. You can also opt for a reputed company that delivers high quality of power banks to their customers.

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2. Capacity

Capacity is one of the key features of a power bank, measured in milliampere-hour (mAh). The capacity of your phone’s battery is also measured in mAh, so if your device has a 1000mAH battery, then 1000mAh power bank is able to charge it fully once. This means you need to opt for a portable battery pack that can provide you enough capacity while recharging your device.

Plus, there are multiple factors such as power lost due to voltage conversion, charge leakage, and circuit resistance can make a power bank less efficient. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a portable charger with higher capacity – as it can help you recharge your device many times over.

3. Battery Cells

Portable chargers come with different types of battery cells along with some comparative analysis. Lithium-ion and Li-Polymer are the two most popular variations of battery cells. So, before buying a portable charger, make sure that you know their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Li-ion is quite affordable and bulkier as compared to the li-poly, which is, expensive, sleeker and more customizable. And when it comes to the safety, then Li-poly is a more reliable option. So, it is better to choose a power bank that comes with Li-poly battery cells.

4. Number of O/P Ports

Nowadays, battery packs bundled along with different o/p port trait virtually prevalently. This allows users to charge multiple devices at the same time with ease. However, most of the lower capacity of portable battery packs come with a solo port option instead of multiple ports.

5. Safety and Security

Always opt for a portable charger that offers a host of safety solutions such as overcharge protections, short-circuit protection, etc to your device. But for this, you need to search for a power bank that can provide you advanced safety functionalities.


No doubt, portable chargers have become an essential part of our lives. But for the best results, you need to research a bit before making any final decision. With the help of these tips,  you can opt for the most reliable, safe and higher capacity of power banks.

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