7 Useful Tips to Boost Website Traffic Using Social Media

Social Media is an impressive platform that allows businesses to display and promote their ideas, goods, and services to a large number of social media users in an engaging way. The percentage of social media usage is rapidly growing with every passing year. Different social media platforms empower marketers to explore their skills and wisely use these platforms with an aim to earn more profits.2It also allows website owners to market their products and services across different social media networks including Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Even, you can increase the flow of web traffic by promoting your site’s content over varied social media platforms. But driving social media traffic towards the site is not an easy thing. For that, you need to follow some robust techniques/tactics that will increase the traffic as well as the conversion rate of your site/blog with ease.

In this blog post, we will discuss the seven useful social media strategies that will help you achieve the targeted goals in a quick time period.

1. Create High Conversion Keywords

Social media is a huge platform that gives complete exposure to those who want to become a brand, without heavy lifting. But if you want to drive more social media traffic towards your site, you need to create high conversion keywords that can boost your user engagement with ease.

Example Ad #2

On all social media platforms, certain keywords generate more click and get more exposure. With the use of relevant keywords, you can improve the visibility of your blog posts across different platforms.

Following are some of the high conversion keywords for trending social networks:

  • Facebook – Where, when, Inspire, Submit, Discount, Deals, Warns, Inspire, etc.
  • Google+: Share, promote, increase, create, discover
  • Twitter: ReTweet, Follow, New Blog Post, Social Media, Help.

2. Promote Visual Content More

3Social media networks are best for promoting the visual content of a website. Beautiful and quality images have the potential engage more web visitors as compared to simple text-based posts. Thus, it is essential for you to regularly share/promote images, videos, GIFs and other forms of visual content in your social media accounts.

You can share your visual content on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, YouTube, etc to generate more social media traffic.

3. Create and Share Interesting Blog Content

What type of blog content will help you drive more social media traffic? The answer to this question is high quality, interesting and engaging content.

If you want to grab the social media visitor’s attention, make sure that you create quality and captivating content. You can convey your message in a funny or sensational way -it leaves a great impression on user’s mind. Also, create and share-worthy posts such as interviews. You can also hire professional freelance writers who can write quality and captivating content for you.

Even, you can share some free tools and resources to attract more visitors. You can share SEO Audit Tool or QR Code Generator.

4. Use of Hashtags

hashThe trend of hashtags is continuously growing on the social media platforms. People are using multiple hashtags with their posts, images and another form of content.

Actually, hashtags expand the reach of your posts across multiple platforms and allows people to follow you or your site, without wasting a single second. It can also help you reach new audiences.

But the best thing about hashtags is that they let you create social media discussions, trends, and charts that can be utilized for varied purposes.

If you want to boost the user engagement on social networks, then use 2 to 3 hashtags per post. It will help you drive more traffic as well as conversions.

5. Find and Modify Popular Content

Apart from creating and sharing fresh content, images, along with hashtags, you should focus on identifying those of your posts influencing more web customers. It is essential for you to find out those networks that are sending you social media traffic as these content have the potential to attract the highest user engagement.

You can modify such content and post it again to the leading social networks. To know your trending blog posts or pages, you can streamline the Google Analytics tool into your site. The tool will help you the best converting social content and also the networks that can be used to modify it.

Now you can also promote your existing content and drive more social media traffic.

6. Use Short and Brief Updates

Instead of posting longer updates, focus on shorter ones because it can help you generate more visitors. Actually, social media users don’t have the time to read long and in-depth posts. So, make sure you share the shorter yet informative posts.

Below are the character count for some popular social networks:

  • Facebook: Less than 40 characters generated 80% more engagement than longer ones.
  • Twitter: Tweets less than 100 characters attracts over 17 % more users.
  • Google+: Shorter than 60 characters can help you drive more traffic.

7. Create Social Media Friendly Site

The structure of your site can make or break the visibility of your site on social media platforms. It can leave a direct image on the number of social media followers you generated for your site.

Most of the times, the user reaches you either via your social media updates or from Google search results. So, you should create the SEO friendly as well as SMO friendly site that can help you generate more visitors from both the sources. You can do the following things to make your site search engine friendly:

  • Use Facebook Open Graph: Streamline the Open Graph meta tags to your site to always display your featured image. This will make your site more appealing for social networks.
  • Enable Twitter Cards: If you want to showcase additional information about your blog posts, products, or links, just integrate the Twitter cards to your site – this will boost the engagement levels on your Tweets.
  • Add Social Media Sharing Widget: You can also embed social media sharing and follow widgets using best social sharing plugins.


These are the seven tried and tested strategies that will help you boost social media traffic and conversion rates of your site. You can follow these simple tips and become a brand across the web.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such an informative post. I guess you have done a thorough research to get these useful points. Social media is plays a very strong role in promoting business, getting high strength of traffic to sites.

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