Key Features of Google’s New Allo App

indexGoogle has recently launched its much awaited messaging app, Allo. The application is now available for iOS and Android devices. When it comes to the verification process, Allo requires only your phone number. It is more than a multi-functional messenger application because it now performs as a virtual design assistant dubbed as the Google Assistant.

This is an incredible application that allows people to chat with anyone from their address book. The message will be free of cost, but it will charge your data plan. All you need to do is to download and install the app to your phone. After that sign up with your contact details to use this awesome messaging application.

Here, I bring you some of the key Features of Allo app that will definitely leave you stunned.

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  • Easier and Expressive Conversation

Allo messaging application supports Artificial Intelligence feature that will make your conversations easier and expressive. It uses Machine learning to suggest you some relevant responses to text and graphic messages to help you type less. You can use Emojis, Ink, Stickers, and Whisper Shout feature to express your feelings through your chats/messages, without even typing a single piece of word.

This is  amazing!

  • Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an enthralling feature that acts as a search engine where you can ask your queries, and it will offer you some recommended options.You can also chat one-on-one with the assistant, or make a call on Google in a group chat with friends.

In short, Google Assistant enables you to perform multiple tasks, such as Google search, Google maps and even watch videos on YouTube. This particular feature also understands the common language patterns and hence you will get what you want while chatting. For an example, if you type “I am feeling tired”, the app will automatically show you nearby spas.

  • End-to-end encryption

Google has introduced a great security feature in Allo application. It has been using Incognito mode to provide security, and it did the same with the Allo app. According to the Google, chats in Incognito mode will have end-to-end encryption to help you experience safe and secure conversations.


All these features will surely force you to use this super-friendly messaging app. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Allo app from Google PlayStore for Android users and iTunes for iOS users.

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