8 Inspiring Instagram Tips for Creative Photographers

Instagram has turned out to be the most trending social media network, especially when it comes to sharing beautiful images and videos. Most of the professional photographers prefer this platform because of its jaw-dropping range of features and functionalities. They find Instagram to be the most promising social sharing where they can their creative work to the world in the most engaging style.untitled-2However, some of the photographers don’t use Instagram and waste their precious time on posting their work either on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr, where they won’t be able to attract potential client. There you can get likes, followers, and comments from other photographers, but for creating a unique presence, you should go for Instagram.

In this blog post, we will share eight most inspiring tips that will help photographers to create a unique presence on the web.

1. Showcase your Latest Work Freely

Instagram is a versatile platform that can either be used as displaying latest images/videos or as a daily journal. Here, you don’t need to spend hours to shortlist your best work – you can showcase those images that you wouldn’t usually add in your portfolio.

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In short, you are free to share anything in terms of content. You don’t need to post a complete collection of images. A single image can encourage people or potential clients to see your entire work.

2. Create Readable Biography

Biography and username are the first two things a visitor will see whenever they access your profile. It represents your work and your professional ethics. So, make sure that they look neat, clean and appealing.

Don’t forget to add your email address and location if you want to transform Instagram visitors into potential clients.

3. Maintain the Consistency

As an Instagram user, you always want your audience to stay connected with you. But for that, you need to keep on posting the same quality as well as the niche of images in order to fulfill the needs of your potential followers.

However, don’t restrict yourself from posting only one genre, but try to be consistent in your posts. This will help you determine that your images always meet the expectations of your followers.

4. Proper Use of Hashtag

hashHashtags play a significant role whenever it comes to posting images or videos on Instagram. Proper use of hashtags can help reach more web audience across the world. But if you use them inadequately, you will end up receiving spam comments and likes only from bots.

Try to avoid using common words such as #photography, #images, #photographer, etc because they are overloaded with hundreds and thousands of images, and your images won’t stay longer on the hashtag page for other users to see it.

Also, place your hashtags at the bottom of your post and try to restrict yourself to 15 hashtags. More than that can make your look messy and unprofessional.

5. Generously Reply to Your Followers

Receiving a genuine comment on an Instagram post is one of the best achievements for a photographer. When someone follows your work and leaves a comment, then you should give them a generous, and polite reply.

This will probably allow users to visit your profile again and appreciate the fact that how much consideration you give to your fans and followers.

Since Instagram is open and accessible, anyone can see and comment on your work in order to stay connected with you in less formal way.

6. Share Your Images After Posting

share-your-images-after-postingPosting an image on Instagram won’t be enough. For better visibility and user engagement, you need to share your Instagram post on other social media platforms.

Just tap the icon with three dots at the end of the photo and choose the “Share” option from the menu and select which social networking site you want to share your post. You can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr to drive more people to your post.

7. Be Simple and Intuitive

Grab the attention of web audience by creating short, simple, and intuitive descriptions for your posts. As a professional photographer, you should give proper details of your work or images. Write short descriptions about your post to encourage people to read, like and comment on your post.

8. Time Efficiency

time-efficiencyPost images on a regular basis if you want to grab more and more people. You can set a pattern and post your pictures accordingly. This will manage your time efficiently and let you post your work in a well-organized way.


Instagram is an impressive platform where you can explore real talents, make real-time friends and share a ton of good memories. Being a professional photographer, you can share your creative stuff to the world using Instagram. Just follow these tips and improve your online as well as off-line visibility.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such an interesting article. I truly agree with the content of the post. Instagram has come out as the best tool of social media , especially when it comes to share beautiful images or videos. Most of the professional photographers prefer this platform because of its jaw-dropping range of features and functionalities.

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