List of 10 Most Reliable Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Both the small and large scale companies are utilizing the cutting-edge online tools and technologies to boost the efficiency and productivity of their businesses. Appointment scheduling software application is one of them that allows business organizations to manage their day-to-day appointments and bookings with ease.

With the help of these software applications, you can organize and manage all of your business meetings and appointments in a matter of few clicks. However, picking the best software from a large roster is like finding a needle under a huge pile of twigs.

Here is the list of 10 most reliable online appointment scheduling software application that will save both your time and effort.

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1. Schedule

image-750x350 is the best fully-featured scheduling system available and is 100% subscription free. is the world’s fastest growing platform for Salons and Spa’s with over 40K active merchants in over 120 countries. Shedul Salon software is simple, flexible and powerful online booking software for your business.  Let your clients effortlessly book directly though your own website or Facebook page, and auto send personalized appointment messages and much more.

2. Bookitit

Bookitit is an Appointment Scheduling Software trusted by 39,000+ businesses worldwide, including Health Care, Beauty, Complementary Health, Sports, Education and Professional Services, among others. With 10to8 you can automatically send custom SMS & Email reminders, track client messages and attendance history, let clients book your free slots, take payments with Paypal or Stripe and sync 2-way with Google Calendar, Outlook or iCal. Set it up in less than 2 minutes and say farewell to admin woes. It works with Android, iPhone, iPad and Web and it’s Free Forever for Small Businesses!.

3. Medexa

Medexa Booking API platform comes out of the box with: Google / Outlook sync, email & SMS reminders, customizable email templates, payments, availability engine, custom fields, global timezones, triggers, and flows. The API returns JSON formatted responses and employs API Keys for authentication.

Booking is complicated, with a ton of moving pieces. We make it simple with our robust API. Our restful API provides data in many formats and uses industry standards to make it easy to consume. We measure our success by how little lines of code you write (or our team writes for you)

4. Launch27

launch27Manage your appointments and meetings using this powerful online software application. The tool comes with a real-time calendar and custom booking form to let you book meeting with anyone at any time. You can access and schedule your meeting for your clients on the go.

5. SnapAppointments

snapappointmentsSnapAppointments is a credible free online appointment scheduling software that lets you find and book appointments for your clients and customers. The tool allows you to get any sort of appointment within a few clicks. Plus, it lets you streamline online appointments scheduling, client management, business reports, and a lot more in seconds.

6. NeedToMeet

needtomeetPlanning appointments become easy with the NeedToMeet software. It is an amazing online appointment scheduling software that allows people to fix the meeting by finding right time in a few clicks – all thanks to its in-built calendar interface.

7. Bookeo

needtomeetBookeo is also a popular software that enables you to accept direct booking from the site you own. With this tool, you can manage your appointment confirmations quickly and easily. Even, you can make changes in dats or cancellations of appointments with ease. The software lets you receive online payments, promotions, gift vouchers, and deposits on the fly.

8. Book’d

bookdAllow your business to get ready for bookings and appointments by making the use of this incredible online appointment scheduling software. It lets you build individual book site, accept online bookings and a lot more. It is an ideal tool for those who want to manage their reservations, without any hassle.

9. SalonMonster

salonSalonMonster is a clean, simple and intuitive software that is ideally designed for spa or salon organizations. The software lets you send and confirm reminders and email within a matter of few clicks. Plus, it offers some of the exciting features including mobile version, enhancing appointment scheduling management, improving productivity and a lot more.

10. YaRooms

yaroomsYaRooms is perfect online appointment scheduling software that can be used in SME resources, business meeting rooms, conference rooms and online workspaces. It comes with simple and intuitive interface that allows you to book appointments and meetings in an easy and secure way. Apart from this, it offers a flexible workplace, color indicators and quick booting feature that will make your job 2 times faster and easier. Even, you can sync your schedules and plan with others.


These are the top 10 online appointment scheduling software that can help you book and manage appointments with your clients in no time. You can pick the most suitable option from the list and take your business to the next level.

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