8 Web-Based Resources for Consultants To Improve Their Efficiency

If you want to be a successful and independent consultant, then you need the correct information at the right time. In this post, I am going to explore top 8 essential online resources that cater to the requirements of consultants.


USA.gov offers lots of resources for the consultant. If you want to know about government contracts, small business loans, being self-employed, or starting a business, then this official website would be best for you.usagov


If you need help related to a legal format of an application or need to download a legal form, then you may visit LegalZoom.com. This site is a great option for you. Moreover, there are many online legal document organizations that provide partnership agreements, trademark documentation and many more business services. legalzoom

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Google Docs

If you would like to make a paperless office, then you must use Google Docs. You will be able to create official documents as well as you can share those documents with others located somewhere else. Google Docs is one of the best collaborative tools.googledocs


Here, you may apply for Employer Identification Number, download required tax forms and search relevant news updates and events. It has a Self-Employed and Small Business Tax Center that includes videos, events and news in order to assist you with your tax-related doubts.  IRS


Every business needs to promote itself. MarketingProfs provides resources in the areas of lead generation, SEO (Search engine optimization), branding, email marketing and many more. They provide a free membership and also a pro level with improved features.marketingprofs


LinkedIn is one of the best networking platforms for professionals. If you want to get any job or any project to recruitment, you can get from here as it connects you with the right person. You may join groups, debate and discuss on several issues and upgrade yourself. It can be used as a marketing tool.


If you don’t want to hire a PR firm, then Help a Reporter Out is perfect choice for you. You can connect with reporters and many other people who may give updates and breaking news.HARO


While working on numerous projects, it commonly happens that an idea comes in your mind, which may be helpful for another project. Here,  Evernote plays a vital role as it helps you to take notes; you may easily save your ideas with the help of this application.EvernoteIn the end, there are many places for self-employed and consultants in order to get resources, tricks and tips. So, you can choose a website as per your requirements!

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