Adobe updates-Document Cloud is Integrated with Dropbox to Improve eSign services

In contrast to its Creative and Marketing Cloud solutions, Adobe has come up with Document Cloud and eSign services (previously called Echosign), relatively unable to gain the similar amount of attention, although they have gradually become an imperative part of the company’s business.adobe_dropbox_ipadThese days Adobe is launching lots of innovative features pro Document Cloud, comprising with Dropbox Integration and numeral of updates.

Dropbox Integration brings light to this update. Adobe Acrobat DC (basically Acrobat’s ‘pro’ version) and Acrobat Reader let the users to access PDFs stored on Dropbox straight away with the use of these apps and even edit them. It doesn’t matter whether the files are there on the web, desktop or in the Acrobat mobile apps, changes made in them, automatically saves in the Dropbox. This Integration facilitates the mutual editing of those PDF files stored on Dropbox.

It is agreed that several businesses make use of Dropbox for the de facto document storage service; it is very common to create this on the top, instead of striving to acquire each and every Document Cloud users to espouse another storage device only for PDF files. Adobe eSign service is the spirit of Document Cloud; essentially it appears as if Adobe is there to associate several partners also.morewithpdf_desktop-3The company is about to declare a few updates for Adobe eSign services. Adobe is going to come up with the latest tool for designing signature workflows and the capability to create custom apps for the automation of several business steps, including fresh hires or confirming sales contracts.

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In order to get closer to those users, the company states the permission to their users for severe signing necessities in EU countries and they are even inaugurating two fresh data centers for Document Cloud in Ireland as well as Germany by the end of this year in order to know the users more.


In this Blog post, we have discussed that Adobe has updated its document Cloud with the Dropbox Integration with more improved eSign services.

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