Welcome Google’s Meter Live Wallpaper for Android

In the month of August, Google introduced three experimental photography applications from Google Creative Lab under its Android Experiments projects with an objective to display encouraging apps on Android mobile platform. The Company has recently launched a new app dubbed Meter from the similar Google Creative Lab. You can download this app from Google Play store itself.

This cutting-edge Meter is data-based live wallpaper that showcases the stats and information related to your phones such as wireless (Wi-Fi) signal, battery level, and other notifications in a clean and simple wallpaper visualization.

Now switch your simple wallpaper into a live dashboard that will show stats and other information with ease. At the time of writer, only a few people had downloaded the 1.0 version of the Meter app. The new Meter app will display three amazing visualizations that will automatically change with device unlock, and the wallpapers can be changed by moving the device.

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In fact, Google Creative Lab is also offering five apps including Photowall for Chromecast, Landmarker, Lip Swap, and Tunnel Vision. The page of Android Experiments outlines that the actual design and concept for Meter App has been provided by Mikkel Koser with code by Jonas Jongejan and Kyle Philips.

Well, the Android Experiments website listed 20 more experimental apps during the launch of Meter app. These apps range from camera experiments to Android apps. The company has mentioned that Android Experiments was open for artistic and creative professionals or a student to an app developer. They could submit their creative experiments without any hassle.

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