Apple Will Require Most Important Features ATS for iOS Apps by the End of 2016

Apple, the world’s most recognized company recently revealed the deadline for all applications in its App Store to switch on an imperative security featured, called App Transport Security by the end of 2016.

App Transport Security or ATS is an advanced feature that automatically forces an application to connect to web services over an HTTPS connection instead of HTTP – it keeps user data safe and secure while in transit by encrypting it.
ios9 security featuredThe “S” in HTTPS stands for SECURE and it is usually viewed in your browser while logging into your banking or email accounts. However, mobile applications are not as transparent as they should be with their users, and it can be difficult to determine whether an app is connecting through HTTP or HTTPS.

At the end of 2016, The Apple will make ATS feature mandatory for all web app developers who want to submit their apps to the App Store. In other words, the secure connections will be forced in all the iOS applications by the end of 2016.

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In fact, Apple will introduce a larger movement to secure data as it moves from place to another online. While the secure protocol is pretty much common on login pages, many sites still utilize plain old HTTP for their connections. In order to avoid such situations, Apple is going to launch the robust ATS feature for all of its iOS applications.

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