Welcome to Google Fiber Internet Service to Dallas

Google is planning to bring its gigabit Fiber internet service to the Dallas city. The Company has recently announced in the meeting.Google FiberFor now, the company is only trying to explore the idea of bringing Fiber internet services to Dallas. Google first announces its plans to introduce Fiber to the same city and then begins working with the local authorities to find out the details for the roll outs.

Google recently announced that “Bringing Google Fiber to Dallas would be a huge undertaking, so we want to make sure we are prepared.” In addition, “Working alongside Mayor Mike Rawlings and local leaders, we will use our Fiber checklist to learn more about local topography, existing infrastructure, and other factors that may impact construction”

In short, it will be a great challenge to bring the Google Fiber to the Dallas city as it requires in-depth examination regarding the existing infrastructure facilities, local topography and other crucial aspects that may affect the construction.

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However, some municipalities helped Google in deploying its fiber network, but still there are some who have been very slow to act. Earlier, Google announced its plans to bring Fiber to Portland, Oregon in 2014, but due to an unusual Oregon tax law and other issues delayed the process and Google only won approval to build up its first “fiber hut in the city a few days ago. But still they need approval to bringing the Fiber to Portland.

Currently, Fiber services are available in six metropolitan areas and it’s going to introduce in six more areas. In fact, Google is planning to launch Fiber in 12 other metropolitan cities.

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