Best iPhone Apps in 2018


Mobile apps are the part of the iOS platform which eases the customer’s life by getting things done in just blink of an eye. Hundreds of mobile apps get released in a day; hence it is difficult to differentiate the iOS apps that are dominating the app market. On an average, the person can use 9 apps a day including the inbuilt options, but problem is that which mobile app can be good for you and which can be of no use.

iPhone mobile app development landscape has filled the gap in many ways by providing robust design, easy to understand navigation and much more to give the edge to the business. Moreover, if you have already got iPhone X, how will you make it interesting if there are no useful mobile apps downloaded? From the apps that make you more productive to the less productive ones, there are some of the mobile apps that can turn out to be a genie of Aladdin. You can use these apps on the iPhone X or iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus as well as older iPhones.

Let’s zero down some of them some of the Useful iOS Mobile App

Dark Sky:

Dark Sky is the weather forecasting iOS mobile app that provides you accurate forecasting of weather. With the GPS facility integrated, this mobile app will take the precise location of the user; providing you minute by minute predictions for the next hour, next week and the next day. You will instantly come to know when rain will state or stop right from your location. Moreover, from this app, you can explore the most beautiful radar animation which enables to see actual path of the storm; how it moved in the past and where it is going next. This mobile app provides you alerts regarding when it is going to rain, government alerts or even helps to create custom notifications. One of the best thing about the app is that, even if the app is not opened, the dark sky will provide you with all important message.

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My Fitness Pal:

MyFitnessPal is the fitness app that keeps track on the count of the calorie. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up the body, become healthy or wish to change your food habits; MFP has everything that you want. Having the largest database of the food, this mobile app provides exercise entry that will help to lose some extra pounds for FREE but there are premium plans if you wish to subscribe upon. With this iOS mobile app, you can input or edit your goals, input your calorie intake and output the time of exercise and also helps you to add new recipe data to the library if it doesn’t exist. This mobile app tracks your weight and provides a graphical representation of how well or poor you are doing and has 3 calculators to calculate BMR, BMI and Recipe nutritional info. Other than that, it helps to create personalized weight loss tracker profile. So, if you are trying to get fit, lose weight etc. MFP is one that is definitely worth a try.


Ring mobile app helps to keep watch over your home from iPhone, iPad or Mac and connects it to the Wi-Fi network and sends a real-time notification when someone is at the door. It sends you instant alerts when someone presses your doorbell or when motion is detected. You can even video stream a person who is available at your door and talk to them using 2-way communication mode. This mobile app is the amalgamation of convenience, monitoring, and security and provides a peace of mind by chattering with the visitors when you are halfway somewhere or busy doing household chores. The feature of this app includes:

  • Night vision infrared LEDs
  • Fast Installation
  • HD camera
  • Sensors for detecting motion
  • Cloud recording
  • Can connect to the multiple devices

No need to wonder about the scenarios outside the home; this mobile app lets you keep watch on your home from anywhere.

Edison Mail:

This is an e-mail app that helps to provide the best email experience in the world of mobile and manages any number of mail accounts from different providers like Gmail, Yahoo. IMAP and much more. This smart mobile app enables to mute the senders of your choice thus avoiding the alerts of messages and moreover, it has integrated AI technology which aids in providing three responses to select from based on the email you received. Moreover, it has assistant functionality which will automatically categorize your messages making it easier to find. Edison mobile app provides real-time alerts when it comes to travel; if the flight is delayed or a gate changes, Email can notify you faster than the airlines. Apart from this, this iPhone mobile app is 100% secure and private as e-mail is fetched from the phone and stored on the phone and blocks the read receipt from being sent back for tracking your email activity.

Motion Stills:

Motion Stills is an iOS mobile app that uses advanced functions to convert videos into GIF. It captures 3s clip with a simple tap or condenses up to a minute of video into an easy task to watch clip using fast forward mode. This mobile app helps the looping GIFs or video and helps the user to directly share with the friends, one and watch them auto-play. The new upgrade in iOS provides a feature of camera cleaner viewfinder that moves the button and mode switcher to the frosted area of the button. It helps to pick the best frame and export your Motion stills as live photos so that you never miss the moment. This mobile app browses the recorded clips in a stream or flip through one by one and watch them by auto-play.

LastPass manager:

Remembering the password of all the apps is not an easy task and so to come up with the solution LastPass iOS mobile app came into existence that store passwords and logins, create online shopping profiles, generate strong passwords, track personal information in photo and audio notes. Moreover, anything saved on this device is instantly available on the other device. All you need to remember is the master password, and LastPass autofill the credentials of the web browser and app logins for you. Moreover, it has AES 256 but encryption that keeps your passwords and notes safe and most importantly, it notifies about any security issues and risk when they occur. This mobile app is the reliable solution for password protection, document storage or workplace security.


This is an entertainment app that helps to watch live TV and recorded shows, latest movies, shows on-demand and schedule recordings on DVR with no additional cost needed. If the user is AT&T, it helps to stream DirecTV on your devices wherever the user goes. You can also record up to 5 shows at once to watch later, so there are less fighting and more watching. If the content is running long, the user can add some extra mile to the recording which refrains from missing the chance of your favorite content. Moreover, iPhone users must make sure that receiver is set up properly.

Best Buy:

This is a mobile app that enables you shop hassle-free from hundreds and thousands of high-quality electronics and accessories. It also helps to ship the product from the nearest location, so the user can have the convenience to pick up from. This app being easy to use also provides the insight of the order status, past purchases, helps to create a wish list, wedding registry. When the user is physically in the associated store, the best buy mobile app can scan barcodes by cameras to get more information about the products. The user can stay up to the date on weekly and sale deals on a wide variety of electronics and accessories. Moreover GPS continuous to run in the background thus decreasing the battery life.


The world is going mobile and we all are aware that iPhone is revolutionizing the product introduced by Apple. So, iPhone mobile application development is in-demand. Mobile users and Internet marketers are growing more than desktop. Although web development is the part of the mobile app, it requires trends to get more exposure. Mobile users and mobile Internet market are growing more than the desktop market and every iPhone and Smartphone users are increasing to deliver app engagement and app retention and ultimately ROI.

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