Online Billing: Simple Ways to Boost Your Home Services Business

Home service and home repair businesses are getting popular day-by-day. There are various home services businesses that are hiring and investing in marketing sector to generate maximum profits.

As business picks up, the requirement for a user-friendly billing solution becomes even more imperative. With the changing time, you should change the way of doing business. Adopting latest trends is the biggest key that can help you generate revenues.

If you are still using paper invoicing, then there is a good chance that you will lose your potential revenue. To avoid this situation, you should use the online billing software that will help you create and send online invoices with ease.
BillingIn this post, we will explore three ways that can improve the revenues of your home service business with online billing software:

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1.    Set up, Process and Collect Automatic Monthly Payments

With the use of an online billing software, you can set up daily, weekly, or monthly recurring payments with ease. It means you don’t need to collect separate payments every time your team performs a job. In fact, you don’t need to worry about late payments.

Setting up recurring billing is as simple as selecting a monthly billing date, the amount of billing transaction, and the payment method. Every month on the selected billing date, your billing software will automatically charge your client’s credit card or bank account, and your client will immediately receive an email receipt.

2.    Management of client preferences and billing information

Online client database can help your business in two different ways. The first benefit is that you can keep your client’s billing information safe and secure. It means you don’t need to worry about the misplacement of the spreadsheet that includes all the information regarding your clients. Online billing software will help you keep your data secure on the servers.

The second benefit of using an online client database is that you can keep a track of essential client preferences, including entry-gate combinations, mowing patterns, etc. Rather than carrying a bundle of your client’s information, you can instantly log in from your desktop or internet-enabled mobile device and quickly access your client’s information.

3.    Send electronic invoices and allow clients pay them online

One of the biggest irritations for a business owner is to wait for clients to receive your invoices via the email, fill them out, write a paper check, and mail them back to your company. This is a long and time-consuming process. With the use of an online billing solution, you can send email invoices quickly and easily to your clients.

You only need to log in the online billing software, fill out a new invoice form, add the recipient and their email address and click on the “Send” button. Through this, your invoice will be sent to your client online.

In fact, paying the invoices is as simple as clicking on a “Pay Now” button in the invoice. This takes them to a safe, and secure online payment form.


These the simple ways that can help you run and grow your house services business with ease. If you want to generate more revenues and boost your operational scale, then don’t hesitate in following these tips as it will help you take your business to the higher level.

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