Facebook Introduces Standalone App for Events and Calendar

Facebook recently announced the release of a standalone iOS app that allows web users to directly access its Events feature.

No doubt Facebook has a huge web audience  that even a minor update can gratify more than 10 millions of users. According to the Company, the app’s Events feature has over 100 million daily users. And today it’s upgrading to a standalone app of its own.

This new app is designed especially for event seekers who are zealous about keeping up with upcoming events. Events app will help you manage all your events with ease. It offers a complete list of events created or followed by users’ Facebook friends. If you want to go to any event, you will get the notification. If you follow any specific page that has upcoming events, they will be displayed in the feed, along with the other event’s news.

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To an addition, it enables you to browse events depending on when and where they are happening or as per your personal interest or via an interactive map. You will also get a calendar feature that will prevent you from double-booking. Even, you can add other calendars from services, including Apple and Google’s iCloud to give you better look at your day to day plans.

Facebook events applications is now available for iOS users, and is coming to Android devices soon. You can download the app for free from the App Store and enjoy its

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  1. Thanks for sharing such an informative article. In today’s busy life, it has become extremely difficult to stay updated with the happening events around us without any external help. This app is absolutely mind blowing and keeps you abreast with all the events in your vicinity.

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