Gamified Healthcare Apps

The world is growing with a serious addiction of mobile phones and playing games in it. We can find cell phones in everyone hands including children. When the market is so high, App developers have used the opportunity and have come up with such apps which could actually help us. Healthcare Apps that makes us keep track on our health reports and other health related details are seen more in the play stores of online market. Is it useful? While that might be the question your mind asks, the answer to that is a simple Yes! Some of the Apps that are available in the online stores have helped millions of people who are interested in games and people using their mobile phones more. Here is a list of few such games that are based on healthcare with effective support to maintain good health.Gamified Healthcare Apps

1. App by Mango Health

Life is full of events and with different things to do every hour many a times we forget to follow our medication, exercise and other healthcare regimes. Most of us might have even wished for a robot that reminds and does everything you need to do. To make this wish come true to an extent, Mango Health have released an app that reminds your medication schedules. The app actually pays monetary rewards to their patients who stay on the schedule. It also has a facility of paying a donation for animal saving by simply taking your medication on schedule and keeping up with it. Well that sounds really interesting and encouraging isn’t it?

2. Pact by Guitar Hero

Here is another app that pays for staying healthy. The app makes you to set some goals to achieve in terms of exercise and eating a proper diet. If you fail to achieve your goals, you have to pay for others who reach their goals. So, people in the pact membership will receive awards for maintaining good health and following a good diet from those who fail to do so. In a way, you have to pay if you fail and you can earn when you follow your health regime.

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3. Asthma Hero by Cohero Health

Taking medication for asthma especially by kids and young patients on time regularly might be difficult. It can be extremely difficult to see our loved ones suffer from difficulty in breathing or any other respiratory difficulties. Co hero Health has come up with an App called the Asthma Hero to help with the treatment for Asthma. This app connects to a Bluetooth sensor which is attached to the inhaler with the help of a strap. The sensor administers and records when the inhaler was used and if and whether the number of puff was taken correctly and reminds as per the set schedule.

4. Empower by Ayogo

Patients with chronic conditions need to stay on their medicine and exercise regime without missing even a single dose and at times, it might get difficult. The app is also supported by Joslin Diabetes Center, Sanofti Aventis and Diabetes Hands Foundation. This app has certain games, surveys and small activities which make patients behave and make certain changes in their habits that are actually helpful to their conditions and it reminds them about their medications and other necessary things to be done. By making those daily changes which becomes a new habit while that improves their lifestyle.

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