Google Play Family Library Feature: A New Way to Share Paid Apps With Family

Google is rolling out its much awaited Family Library feature for their thousands and millions of potential users across the world. The Google Play Family Library feature will allow families to share their paid applications, TV shows, books, games, movies and other content between accounts without having to make payments multiple times. You can share the paid apps and other media up to six family members.

Apple introduced this feature back in 2014 for their iTunes apps and media, and Google has recently decided to launch the same feature for their own Google Play Store. With the introduction of this feature, users will be able to share their content with their family members without having to pay for it again. The feature enables users to pay with their own credit card or from their accessed account.googlefamily-libraryThe search engine giant is introducing the New Google Play Family Library feature in more than 10 countries, including Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, Ireland, Brazil, France, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, Mexico, and Canada. The feature gives you the flexibility to choose whether you want to share a content with a particular account or not.

For an example, a movie with adult content could be shared only with the adults in the family. You can exclude the kid’s account when it comes to the priority. Even, parents inside the Google Play Family Library will also get an option to approve the purchases for their toddlers.

The apps and content purchased with the Google Play Family Library will be used or consumed in other Android and ChromeOS devices as well. However, the service is not available for everyone just yet, so the sign-up process may not work for you at least for now.

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