The List of Top 5 Bug Tracking Tools

A bug tracking system is a kind of software application which helps to keep track of the reported software bugs in the entire software development tasks.  It is a type of a computer program which is utilized by the application support professional team in order to keep track of the several problems that the developers face many times. In this post, we will tell the top 5 bug project management or tracking tools as well as features.

1.    Bugzilla

BugzillaThis tool is one of the most popular bug tracking tool which is used by several companies. It has all unique features of convenience and assurance. If you are seeking for adapting, stable and actively maintained bug tracking system, then this amazing tool will be perfect for you. It is used by several big open source projects in order to track their bugs.

Who uses it?

This tool is used by following team:

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  • GNOME development team
  • Linux kernel development team
  • Apache development team

This bug tracking tool is written in Perl, however it is able to work with different database such as Oracle and MySQL.


  • Add custom workflows and fields
  • Flexible charting and reporting
  • Time tracking
  • Including ability to schedule reports and get it through email
  • Private commenting and attachment


RequestIt is used to track tickets. If your project needs that every bug must be attained as a ticket for you then you should try REQUEST TRACKER. It is totally written in Perl and free and it works on several databases.


  • Integrate with LDAP authentication
  • Reporting and time tracking

3.    Salesforce 

This amazing tool is a web-based bug tracking and project management system.  It is very useful for software standard assurance. It supports task planning, creates several statistics and reports, and also stories in order to track tasks.


  • Reports
  • Projects
  • Stories
  • Burn Work Hours
  • Defects
  • Clone defects
  • Chatter
  • Defect sharing
  • Kanban (project-wise and Story-wise), to analyze and improve business processes, reduce waste and help companies visualize the workflow.

4.    Axosoft

It is a bug tracking tool which is available for on-premises or hosted software. Through the Scrum planning board, project developers and managers can see each task, its requirement, incidents and defects in the system.


  • SCM integration
  • Bug tracking
  • Scrum burn down charts
  • Scrum planning board
  • Requirements management
  • Reporting
  • Data visualization
  • Help desk/incident tracking
  • Workflow automation
  • Team wiki

5.    Mantis

MantisAnother popular bug tracker tool is Mantis. It is an ideal bug tracking system which is written in the PHP. It can work with multiple databases such as:

  • PostgreSQL
  • MS SQL

It is an incredible tool which is completely integrated with some applications such as:

  • RSS feeds
  • Time tracking
  • Chat, wiki
  • Many more


  • Anonymous access
  • Issue relationship graph
  • Source code integration
  • Custom fields and workflow
  • Time tracking

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  1. These tools are great for bigger teams only focusing on QA of large products. For UI intensive apps or products, it is easier to use a tool like It lets you annotate your web pages and then create bugs. Do give it a try and share your thoughts.

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