How to Avoid These 5 Common SEO Mistakes?

An SEO is an advanced marketing technique that can help your site to get higher visibility on Google and other search engine platform. There are many factors that can affect your SEO marketing campaign including changing search engine algorithms and web visitors perspectives. If you want to increase conversion rates and generate quality leads, you need to optimize your website to get higher ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages). This practice can boost the brand awareness of your company among the potential web visitors, which in turn improve your sales.

If you are a beginner to SEO, then chances are high that you will commit some common mistakes that would badly affect the ranking of your site on search engine platforms. In order to stay ahead of your competitors, make sure you stick to the basics and avoid making common mistakes. Let’s share the top 5 common SEO mistakes that you will need to avoid for a successful business.

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1. Selection of Wrong Keywords

wasting-keywordsKeywords are one of the key factors in SEO that can optimize the ranking of your site for search engine platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. However, most of the beginners ignore the preference of search engines and users while selecting the keywords for their website. Of course, it is necessary to have a business/product/service relevant keywords that can enhance brand awareness of your business, but you can’t neglect your customers and search engines.

It is essential for you to know what your potential web customers or visitors type while searching for a particular product or service on Google and other search engines. Sometimes the word or term you consider appropriate for your site might mean something different for the web visitors. Therefore, you should make a right selection of keywords for higher visibility and accessibility.

Make sure you do in-depth background research before you begin the optimization. You can make a use of Google AdWords, Google Trends, KeywordPlanner to get the most relevant and search-engine friendly keywords for your online business.

2. Avoid Using Unique Title Tags and Descriptions

tagThis is the second most common SEO mistakes made by site owners and SEO marketers. Google and other search engines prefer those websites that have unique titles for each web page. But still, most of the people avoid creating unique title tags and descriptions. They assign all pages under the same title, add the site name in the page title, and exceed the character’s limit of the title – all these things encourage search engine crawlers to stop indexing your site on the top of SERPs.

Also, ensure that your description is unique and should be between 150-160 characters. Creating informative and  engaging description can improve your CTR (Click Through Rate) and if your content fulfills the expectations of your visitors, it will help you get higher conversions.

3. Keyword Stuffing

kewordA good SEO marketing campaign is all about creating SEO-friendly content. Adding main keywords to the blog posts, articles and other content of a site can improve the ranking your site. But stuffing too many keywords within a content could negatively affect your site. Using too many keywords in a blog post is considered as spammy by search engines – this automatically reduces the SEO ranking of your website.

Instead of keyword stuffing, make sure you follow the determined semantic search fort called Latent Semantic Indexing while adding keywords to your content. It automatically recognizes the topic of your content without even adding too many targeted keywords.

4. Not a Proper Use of Internal Linking

use-of-internal-linkingIf you want to drive more web visitors towards your site, you need to focus on doing internal linking. Inter-linking your pages can help search engines find more pages from your site. In fact, a link to an internal web page acts as a signal to search engines that tell the page is imperative for your site. This allows your visitors to find out more about the desired subject quickly and easily, which in turn, boosts SEO ranking.

Despite all these benefits, most of the site owners find it a waste of time to make internal links. Due to the lack of knowledge, they avoid using internal links that are good for SEO. If you are also new to SEO, so consider the following tips :

  • Link relevant pages together within the text and by creating ‘related pages’ section at the end of each web page.
  • It is not good to link new pages with older ones all the time. Instead, you can link old pages with new pages to see better results. Although it is a time-consuming tasks, you will surely get the higher ranking.
  • Instead of using Keyword anchor text, use ‘click here’, read more’, etc kind of things to encourage web visitors.
  • Make 2 to 10 internal links per page to get better outcomes. Well, this also depends on the type and length of content.

5. Publishing Duplicate Content

duplicate-contentBeing a site owner, you can’t afford to use duplicate content when it comes to performing effective SEO marketing strategy. Despite the fact that Google and other search engines never prefer websites containing duplicate content, many website owners use duplicate and bad quality of content – this is highly discouraged by search engines platforms.

Instead of wasting time on copying content from other places, it’s better to invest your time in creating unique, quality and interactive content. Writing quality and engaging content not only encourages search engines but also allows visitors to stay connected to your site.


A good SEO practice can boost the visibility, usability, and accessibility of your site on Google and other popular search engines. But you need to make sure that you don’t commit any mistake while optimizing your site for search engine. These are the top five common SEO mistakes that you should avoid if you want to take your site to the next level.

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  1. Hey Matt, great post. When it comes to best SEO practices, I think external link building is an important one. Because one needs to be careful not to get penalized by Google by spamming with these links. And the fact that many people get this completely wrong explains a lot of stuff.

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