Beginner’s Guide: SEO Tips for Increasing Organic Search Traffic

SEO TipsSEO is one of the most advanced and reliable online marketing technique that can promote the ranking of your site on the top of search engine platforms, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo. With the best SEO technique, you can improve the visibility of your site on a search engine, which in turn, drive more and more web traffic towards your site.

But if you are a beginner and don’t know anything about the SEO-optimized site, or organic search traffic, then you should read this blog post. Today, we will thoroughly cover the best SEO tips/ tricks that will help you generate quality leads by driving more organic search traffic towards your site.

Most of the newbie bloggers or site owners find difficulties in optimizing their blogs/sites for search engines. In fact, they forget to update their content, which plays a vital role in determining the visibility of the site. So, in this post, we will explore some useful SEO tips for beginners that will help you improve the flow of organic web traffic to your site/blog.

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1. Create Unique and Quality Content

Create Unique and Quality ContentGoogle and other search engines prefer a site or blog that’s having unique and high-quality content for their users. So, make sure that you create fresh, informative and quality content – as it can engage more and more visitors to your site/blog. And remember, high-quality content is 100% plagiarism free. So, focus on creating content for your targeted audience.

Also, ensure that you write readable content for your blog post. It is because most of the readers just take a glimpse of the content to decide whether they want to read the entire post or not. So, your content should stand up to the expectations of your readers. These techniques will not only increase the readability but also improve the visibility of your site on Google.

2. Utilize Long Tail Keywords

Utilize Long Tail KeywordsWhen it comes to the robust SEO technique, you can’t avoid the utilization of Keywords within your content. So, you should create a keyword-friendly content for your site. Concentrate on the keywords relevant to your site. You can also create engaging topics using the relevant keywords.

Instead of using short keywords, use long tail versions. You can add your keywords in your anchor links if you want to link your older or newer posts in your existing blog post. Use the keyword and hyperlink it, rather than writing “click here”. Don’t stuff too many internal links as it could distract your web readers.

So, follow these simple guidelines while creating keywords for your site’s content.

3. Don’t Forget to Update Older Posts

moveolderSince the Google algorithms and online marketing trends keep on changing over the time, it is always a better idea to update all of your older posts in order to meet the current SEO algorithm standards.

You can optimize the images, change the title, layout of your older post to give it a new look. While updating your old content make sure that you link it to your new content. It is because interlinking content will let you get most of your link juice distributed throughout your site.

4. Create Readable Titles

Create Readable TitlesThe title of your blog post plays a crucial role in driving the genuine web traffic to your site. So, it should be unique, engaging and relevant to your content. A visitor decides whether he/she wants to click on a blog post or just bounce from a page after reading the blog’s title.

So, research your keywords, have a look at the search engines to check what kinds of blogs show up before writing your title. You can also create a curiosity among your visitors by creating the captivating title for your blog posts.

5. Content Promotion on Social Media Platforms

Content Promotion on Social Media PlatformsPromote your content or blog posts on the leading social media websites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pi-interest, StumbleUpon, and a lot more. This will help you improve the visibility of your content on various web platforms. You can share your content on social media platforms, and also make different channels to promote your site.

6. Image Optimization

Image OptimizationBeautiful and quality images encourage visitors to read your entire blog post. In fact, creating articles with relevant images get more than 90 % views.

Also, make sure that you add keywords and informative descriptions to the images that you have embedded in your post. This will not only attract potential visitors but also improve the ranking of your blog on SERPs. But make sure that you use lighter images that can improve the loading speed of your site.


With the help of these guidelines, a newbie site owner can concentrate on increasing its organic search traffic with ease. All you need to do is to follow these simple tips and improve the visibility and credibility of your site.

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